Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" is the first online organization in Dnepropetrovsk established to connect those who seek help and those who are willing to provide it.

Our Charity Exchange is just the tool for doing good deeds that shows you the people around you, who might really need help; the tool that shows you that you can help and that guarantees a 100% reception of your help by the addressee.

We have principally focused our attention on the city of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine and its regions, apart from all the supporting documentation, information about relatives and doctors, photo and video reports; you could always have the opportunity to personally meet those whose life you are saving.

We have reduced all the difficulties associated with transfer of funds to a minimum, and now the whole process of good deeds will take no more than 30 seconds.

Thus, today it has become possible to do a really good deed with your one click.

And the engine for a do-a-good-deed process is just you and only you.
Without you the possibility to satisfy such a need will never happen.

Why we can be trusted

1. For the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" there is no bank secrecy and anyone can get full access to the cash flow information in your checking account and a full audit of the finances of the Exchange;
2. CE "DobroDiy" is an officially registered charity organization. An extract from the Register of companies and a statement of a Non-profit Organization issued by the Department of Taxes & Duties you can see here.
3. Each project takes full authentication of the data provided before it is published on our website. – All data is transparent and open for your knowladge. We can provide you with the phone numbers of attending doctors, phone numbers of affected people (injured,etc) and all recommendations if requested.
4. All funds collected with your help and sorted by projects are guaranteed to go to those in need, and certainly are well documented by invoices, payment bills, acts of reception and transfer of goods, overhead documents, contracts, payment orders and bank statements. All such documentation for fulfilled projects you can see here.


11, Brigadnaya Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49069, Ukraine

+38 067 431 44 25 Olga Artamonova
+38 066 045 81 94 Vladislava Mikoluk