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Since the great war entered the door of every Ukrainian home without knocking, we do not have the opportunity, as before, to congratulate each other on Christmas and New Year holidays, to plan the future in the distant perspective, to rejoice in festive moments. Yes, the desire of every Ukrainian is now one for all, but great and sincere.

All this time, we at the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy”, with the support of partners, friends, and donors, are doing everything we can to make this main wish of Ukrainians come true. This year, like the previous ones, we end with good deeds. There will be no pathetic summing up here, but what was achieved at the end of this difficult year 2023, during December, is traditionally reported below.

So, from February 24, 2022 to the end of December 2023, thanks to the joint efforts of all partners of the Exchange, we provided assistance that is estimated at UAH 120,830,000! Assistance in various formats during this period was received by:

  • Defense Forces of Ukraine — for UAH 88,900,000.
  • basic medical institutions — for UAH 8,200,000.
  • seriously ill children — for UAH 10,000,000.
  • recipients of humanitarian aid — for UAH 13,300,000.
  • educational and social initiatives — for UAH 430,000.

During December 2023, the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" provided assistance, which is estimated at UAH 415,000. In particular, charitable assistance was provided to 21 seriously ill children in December. Thanks to this, the young wards were able to complete the next scheduled rehabilitation courses, receive vital medications, and undergo an examination.

In addition, two of our ward families of IDPs, whom we previously helped with the purchase of hearing aids, took part in the "Warm Hands" camp for free. This is a 10-day field intensive of art therapy classes for war-affected children based on the "Integration Center of Zamlynnia" in Volyn region.

At the end of the year, each of us thinks about how we lived this conventional period of time in the calendar. In order to get involved in good deeds, you don't need to wait for a more appropriate moment, such as the winter holidays, although it is customary to participate in charity in Ukraine on these days.

It's always time to do good! Join any of the current fundraising projects of the Exchange right now! Details about current projects are on our official website:

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