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We share good news about Vadym Yatsenko!

The working week is in its full swing, and we are, as always, happy to report on a new case of helping one of our young wards with a difficult diagnosis. This time — we share good news about Vadym Yatsenko!

An 11-year-old ward of the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy” received an important and long-awaited orthosis! Vadym has cerebral palsy. Because of this, he is unable to sit on his own, has poor head control and hand control.

Vadym needed a special orthosis very much to stabilize his joints, reduce spasticity, and keep his legs in the right position. It is very important for the boy to learn to take the first independent steps.

Last week, thanks to the support of our loyal partners and friends of, Vadym received an orthosis at last! We wish him strength and health, and we share a small photo report with you.

Children with difficult diagnoses are one step closer to a healthy future!

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