Who we are?

Charity Exchange “DobroDiy” is a unique platform that provides a meeting and interaction of people who need material support and people who want to help. We are 4 years old. By this time, we managed to provide targeted assistance to 550 children with serious illnesses worth more than 6.5 million hryvnia and purchase medical equipment worth more than 5 million hryvnia for hospitals and orphanages. Also we helped the veterans and soldiers of the ATO more than 4 million hryvnia.
We also help elderly people, with low incomes, support various educational projects and talented children, fund repairs and equip the children's rehabilitation center for children with special needs, conduct creative activities at the Center for Children with Disabilities, conduct charity events, and engage in social activity in the hematology department . We financed the rehabilitation of hospitals that were destroyed during the war. You can support a good undertaking not only with money. In 2017, we opened a new line of work for the Charity Exchange, especially for those who are willing to spend their time and energy on good deeds.
List of completed projects during our existence

We are developing

Now is the time to open new non-material projects. We see the real desire of the people around us to be involved in what is happening around: to do, change, influence, build, return to Ukraine, bring up their children here. Often such actions begin not only to transfer funds, and with the desire to spend personal time - to share a piece of the heat of his soul, to put my professional achievements, or simply to clean territory.



Yulia Sosyedka
Yulia Sosyedka
Olena Sosyedka
Olena Sosyedka

The founders of the Exchange are two sisters – Yulia and olena Sosiedka, they are also founders of Concord Bank.

A few words about us:

  • We live in Ukraine, love our country and people. We CHANGE the world around us and invite all those who believe in their strength to join us, are generous with heart and soul, strive to do good and want to be involved in these changes.
  • Our team is our family. These are people, united by a common purpose and idea: "Who saved one life, he saved mankind" (Talmud, Sanhedrin 4 Chapter 5 mis.).
  • We do NOT belong to any political party and do not engage in politics at all. We believe in only one creative power - a natural desire to make an adult world where he lives better, cleaner, safer and more beautiful.
  • Everything grand starts small. Each of you who share our goals and beliefs can join us. You can help in any possible way for you. Contact us and together we will make a lot of good!
  • We value the reputation of our Charity Exchange. Maximum openness and transparency - the basic principles of our activity.
  • t is important! We do not work with projects involving the possibility of earning and do not allow any financial fraud on our platform.

Charity is the norm of our life. Without giving, you can’t get.
Our actions shape the future for ourselves and our children.

Open projects

50000 UAH
36200 UAH

150000 UAH
75000 UAH

Для борьбы с эпилепсией 7-летнему Богдану Куцему очень нужна очередная реабилитация!

13500 UAH
8500 UAH
Богдану скоро исполнится 8 лет. И все это время он борется за право на жизнь. Сразу после рождения мальчик попал в реанимацию, долго находился по аппаратом ИВЛ, питался через зонд. Затем осложнения, частые приступы судорог... С этого времени каждый день жизни Богдана совсем не похож на счастливое детство - это бесконечная борьба с последствиями тяжелого рождения. Мальчику диагностировали ДЦП, спастический тетрапарез, микроцефалию, эпилепсию, задержку психо-моторного развития. «За эти годы пройден долгий и сложный путь через боль, страх и слёзы, -...


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