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  • 4 665,1 UAH To be collected 8 860 UAH

    Maksim Rozovskiy - awaited first born in the family of young classmates Alexandra and Alexander. The young parents were very happy to have a fast beginning of a family that neither them nor the doctors did not notice that the baby was too big, which lead to the difficult labor, Maksim was taken out by a vacuum, asphyxia. The baby survived, but the difficult labor lead to an awful diagnosis - Cerebral Palsy. The biggest tragedy waited the boy later: the parents, who got tired of fighting and had another healthy child, left their son to be raised by grandmother and great grandmother. And now it is 5 years that Maksim's grandmother Olga is raising her grandson for her only pension. Due to her great affort Maksim can now sit, hold his head by herself and play with toys! Without regular rehabilitations Maksim will not even be able to stand up! Rozovskiy family is not stoping to fight, but now they really need your help, because for Maksim it is very importnat.

    Project's goal is to collect 8 860 before January 29th, in order to pay for rehabilitation course for Maksim in Lvov.

  • 16 282,3 UAH To be collected 30 000 UAH

    Looking at this boy under IV, it is impossible to believe that just a year ago he was a talented goalkeeper and dreamt of living a life of a soccer player. The heart of a 16-year-old Valera Gajdar in February started hurting to the point that the boy could not breathe. At the regional hospital, it turned out that Valera had fluid built up around the heart and in the lungs. Later it turned that it was Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system! This type of oncological disease paralyzes the work of the immune system and does not let the body to get rid of toxins by itself. Valera had already gone through 9 (!) rounds of "chemo". emergency care, and now weighs only 37kg! In order to "defeat" the disease, the boy was assigned a treatment of high dosage blocks, the first one if behind him. How many of these rounds left depends on how the disease will act. In order to defeat cancer and survive, Valera needs regenerative drug therapy, which the hospital does not have. The boy is being raised by his father and uncle, Valera's mother died of sarcoma when he was only 2 years old. During the entire treatment process, the family never asked for charity help. However, now the situation is critical - Valera's father is on a pension, while the uncle is completely in debt with loans.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 30 000 UAH to purchase the most needed regenerative therapy drugs, which will help Valera to defeat cancer.

  • 21 862,3 UAH To be collected 30 000 UAH

    Oleg Ogla from Pavlograd is only a year and a half old. Just over the summer he was quickly running away from his mother and older brothers, having all sorts of kids play. But in July his stomach started hurting along with vomiting. They were treating him for a stomach flu for a long time; only examination in Dnepr showed leukosis! The little boy had courageously gone through already three rounds of chemotherapy, he has two left. Mother, who is raising three children alone and works at a market, is desperate. Just one antibiotic "Zavedoks" costs 7 000 UAH for 2 ampules! And that is without talking about the rest of the medications list, which is changing every day. The family took out a few bank credits, the relatives gave them everything they had, but without the money continuing saving the boy is impossible.

    Project's goal is to collect 30 000 UAH for the medications to complete the chemotherapy and defeat cancer

  • 14 475,4 UAH To be collected 108 000 UAH

    From April 2015 Charity "DobroDiy" has taken under its wing 90 most unprotected veterans of Dnepropetrovsk, who happened to be striving to survive at the down of their days. Their poor pension (1000-1200 UAH a month), bad health and a lonely lifestyle doesn't allow them to support themselves. Our goal - is to provide each one of them with the direct financial help of 400 UAH a month, to let them choose what is most important for them at the moment: produce, medicine or paying bills.

    Project's goal is to collect 108 000 UAH in order to provide the monthly direct financial help to 90 veterans during one quartal (October to December 2015)

  • 1 481,6 UAH To be collected 13 500 UAH

    Looking at the serious not by age eyes of the 3-year-old Sasha, it is impossible to believe that the boy was healthy just about a month ago! After a hepatitis shot, a blood hemorrhage happened into the brain, after which emergency care, surgeries and IVs. Sasha was discharged from the hospital with severe central nervous system and epilepsy. Which is why at the age of 3 the boy does not talk or walk. The mother is torn between raising two older children and expensive treatment of the youngest. While the father had left Vinnica for Kiev for a job, otherwise it is impossible to feed the family of 5. Especially when you are trying to save the youngest son from the hands of disability, and each rehabilitation is worth 14 000 UAH, and a "child's" pension is only 2 000 UAH.

    Project's goal is to collect 13 500 UAH for rehabilitation course in Lvov that will help Sasha to start talking and walking

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