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  • 5 506,0 UAH To be collected 13 000 UAH

    Nikita is now 12 years old, but he does not talk, walk or even sit by himself. Cerebral Palsy with awful seizures started when he was just a baby when due to the birth trauma the brain was affected from oxygen suffocation. Rehabilitation courses did not happen very often: the father left the family with 2 children and does not even pay alimony, while the mother is torn between part-time jobs and raising children. However, even in these difficult conditions, Nikita learned to talk to his parents using signals and lately started to say words! Nikita's development is slowed down by the seizures, which can be stopped only with rehabilitation courses. But from the disability pension of 2000 UAH it is impossible to "save" 13 000, which is the price of one course. This boy's last hope is our help!

    Project's goal is to collect 13 000 UAH for rehabilitation that will rid Nikita of the seizures

  • 8 527,0 UAH To be collected 10 100 UAH

    Ura Kolesnik is already 4 years old, but he does not walk, sit or talk. A doctor's mistake during childbirth lead to an oxygen suffocation of the baby, and the boy spent 4 days in a coma. After a month Ura came out of an emergency room with a convulsive syndrome and cerebral palsy. Later the father left the boy and he was left with the mother and grandma. Not long ago grandma died, and now Ura and his mother are completely alone. But they are still fighting! The mother is trying to "save" money from Ura's disability pension for the rehabilitation! It is the only way for the boy to have a chance to walk and talk. However, besides rehabilitation courses, they need to buy medicine, food and pay the utilities. We only have a month in order to send the boy to rehabilitation, which will improve chances to defeat cerebral palsy!

    Project's goal is to collect 10 100 UAH before March 15th for rehabilitation of 4-year-old Ura Kolesnik!

  • 10 230,3 UAH To be collected 30 000 UAH

    This photo is of a lively, communicative boy who is full of plans of the future. But a diagnosis of "acute myeloid leukemia" in one moment ruined all plans of a 16-year-old Dima Vovchak from a town of Belozerskoe, Donetsk region. He is the center of attention and loved by all his peers from Gorny School, where Dima is studying to be an underground mechanic. Right now is in need of an urgent bone marrow transplant in Israel. The surgery costs a lot of money, for which the single mother of two children is saving every penny for! At the moment Dima is on Kosmicheskaya and undergoing the first round of "chemo." How many there are, the doctors cannot say at the moment, for there is no money for the bone marrow transplant. While the mother does not even have the money for "Zoviraks", which costs 300 UAH and is used for preventing the infections, and the poor woman has to take in in credit!

    Project's goal is to collect 30 000 UAH in order for Dima to continue chemotherapy course.

  • 22 401,5 UAH To be collected 30 000 UAH

    Oleg Ogla from Pavlograd is only a year and a half old. Just over the summer he was quickly running away from his mother and older brothers, having all sorts of kids play. But in July his stomach started hurting along with vomiting. They were treating him for a stomach flu for a long time; only examination in Dnepr showed leukosis! The little boy had courageously gone through already three rounds of chemotherapy, he has two left. Mother, who is raising three children alone and works at a market, is desperate. Just one antibiotic "Zavedoks" costs 7 000 UAH for 2 ampules! And that is without talking about the rest of the medications list, which is changing every day. The family took out a few bank credits, the relatives gave them everything they had, but without the money continuing saving the boy is impossible.

    Project's goal is to collect 30 000 UAH for the medications to complete the chemotherapy and defeat cancer

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