• 995,4 UAH To be collected 81 000 UAH

    Healthy young nation - the basis of our strong and organic society. Our children are our future. Especially takes pride in teenagers when they were forced to moved from his home town - continue to engage in sports and glorify Ukraine. So what happened to the guys 3-immigrants from the Donbass, who this season became the champion of Ukraine on hockey. Now, at the end of April, a team of 17 people, including these 3 guys go to the international competition World Selects Invitational in Philadelphia (USA). Just imagine, the boy who tore away, their homes and familiar cases - did not lose heart and continued to engage and to glorify their country. But now they need our support: to go to America costs $ 2,000 for one person, and such a sum for ordinary families is very onerously to pay. But how important is an example of the boys, who are agitating youth for a healthy lifestyle! Let's all together help 4 boys to bring victory to Ukraine.We announced a fee of half the amount, the rest will be collected by the boys' families.
    The project aims: to help raise half the amount for the trip to the United States - 81 000 hrn, to send 3 children from Donetsk to Philadelphia in the international competition on hockey.

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