• 995,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    Healthy young nation - the basis of our strong and organic society. Our children are our future. Especially takes pride in teenagers when they were forced to moved from his home town - continue to engage in sports and glorify Ukraine. So what happened to the guys 3-immigrants from the Donbass, who this season became the champion of Ukraine on hockey. Now, at the end of April, a team of 17 people, including these 3 guys go to the international competition World Selects Invitational in Philadelphia (USA). Just imagine, the boy who tore away, their homes and familiar cases - did not lose heart and continued to engage and to glorify their country. But now they need our support: to go to America costs $ 2,000 for one person, and such a sum for ordinary families is very onerously to pay. But how important is an example of the boys, who are agitating youth for a healthy lifestyle! Let's all together help 4 boys to bring victory to Ukraine.We announced a fee of half the amount, the rest will be collected by the boys' families.
    The project aims: to help raise half the amount for the trip to the United States - 81 000 hrn, to send 3 children from Donetsk to Philadelphia in the international competition on hockey.

  • 16 900,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    Amina Duma is only two years old; however, her vitality is greater than many grown ups. From the age of two months, Amina along with her parents is proving the entire world that Down Syndrome is not the reason for disability. Weak immune system, allergic reactions, heart defect, everyday consultations and lessons with specialists are exhausting the girl. But Amina is not giving up! The doctors thought the girl will stay immobilized and never learn to talk. However, after the first rehabilitation in the "Timatis" center Amina started walking! Now the girl already learned to say "mom" and "dad", slowly eats mashed foods. Provided regular rehabilitations, the girl will soon talk, after she will get stronger to the point when she will be able to defeat all her diagnosis. Unfortunately, her parents from a small town of Kharkov region have less and less funds to pay for the courses at "Timatis". Everyday medicine and courses with specialists cost about 2000 UAH a day! It is impossible to save 16 000 to pay for rehabilitation courses in June.

    Project's goal is to collect 16 000 UAH before 10th of June to pay for rehabilitation course that will help Amina Duma to learn to talk

  • 14 500,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Nikita is now 12 years old, but he does not talk, walk or even sit by himself. Cerebral Palsy with awful seizures started when he was just a baby when due to the birth trauma the brain was affected from oxygen suffocation. Rehabilitation courses did not happen very often: the father left the family with 2 children and does not even pay alimony, while the mother is torn between part-time jobs and raising children. However, even in these difficult conditions, Nikita learned to talk to his parents using signals and lately started to say words! Nikita's development is slowed down by the seizures, which can be stopped only with rehabilitation courses. But from the disability pension of 2000 UAH it is impossible to "save" 13 000, which is the price of one course. This boy's last hope is our help!

    Project's goal is to collect 13 000 UAH for rehabilitation that will rid Nikita of the seizures

  • 10 100,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Ura Kolesnik is already 4 years old, but he does not walk, sit or talk. A doctor's mistake during childbirth lead to an oxygen suffocation of the baby, and the boy spent 4 days in a coma. After a month Ura came out of an emergency room with a convulsive syndrome and cerebral palsy. Later the father left the boy and he was left with the mother and grandma. Not long ago grandma died, and now Ura and his mother are completely alone. But they are still fighting! The mother is trying to "save" money from Ura's disability pension for the rehabilitation! It is the only way for the boy to have a chance to walk and talk. However, besides rehabilitation courses, they need to buy medicine, food and pay the utilities. We only have a month in order to send the boy to rehabilitation, which will improve chances to defeat cerebral palsy!

    Project's goal is to collect 10 100 UAH before March 15th for rehabilitation of 4-year-old Ura Kolesnik!

  • 6 787,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    This photo is of a lively, communicative boy who is full of plans of the future. But a diagnosis of "acute myeloid leukemia" in one moment ruined all plans of a 16-year-old Dima Vovchak from a town of Belozerskoe, Donetsk region. He is the center of attention and loved by all his peers from Gorny School, where Dima is studying to be an underground mechanic. Right now is in need of an urgent bone marrow transplant in Israel. The surgery costs a lot of money, for which the single mother of two children is saving every penny for! At the moment Dima is on Kosmicheskaya and undergoing the first round of "chemo." How many there are, the doctors cannot say at the moment, for there is no money for the bone marrow transplant. While the mother does not even have the money for "Zoviraks", which costs 300 UAH and is used for preventing the infections, and the poor woman has to take in in credit!

    Project's goal is to collect 30 000 UAH in order for Dima to continue chemotherapy course.

  • 30 037,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    These 2 photos of 4-year-old Lera Kalista are taken in a period of a few months apart. On the left is a regular girl, who used to draw every day, did puzzles and riddles. The photo on the right is taken in the hospital on Kosmicheskaya. Lera was urgently brought to Dnepr from her town Obuhovka after a trap throat was not getting better even after taking antibiotics. Blood works showed that the girl has severe aplastic anemia. Such disease affects the blood: red blood cells, platelets, and leukocytes "fall" to almost nothing, which in turn means that the body is helpless against fighting infection, while all the mucous membranes get covered with bleeding sores. Saving the girl is possible, the only thing missing is the medicine. For even one "Amfolip", which stimulates the immune system, costs over 3000 UAH for a pack. Lera's father is a simple worker from a village, while the mother is constantly at the hospital with her daughter. That is why only our help can save the girl!

    Peoject's goal is to collect 30 000 UAH in to provide Lera with the most needed medicine, that will help her get better!

  • 16 629,2 UAH Projects is finished!

    5-year-old Maksim on the outside is just like his peers. However, he does not want to play with them and does not talk to his mother. Maksim has an atypical autism and in a few years he is in danger of being in total isolation; the small village in Rovenskiy region, where the boy lives with his mom, does not have specialized schools for "special" kids. Taking her son to a special school in Rovno for the mother, who is going from town to town so that she can feed her son and herself, is too expensive. Father left the family when he found out about his son's diagnosis. Maxim's disability pension is being saved for rehabilitation, for the boy has high chances of learning to talk to the world and go to school. Unfortunately, this pension is only 2000 UAH, while rehabilitation is needed 2 times a month and it costs 15 000. The time is passing, rehabilitation is in March, Maxim is more more closing inside himself. The only chance to return into the society is our help!

    Project's goal is to collect 15 000 UAH before March 1st, which are needed for rehabilitation that will teach Maxim to talk to world around him.

  • 10 539,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Look at how admiringly 5-year-old Yaroslava Kushnirenko is looking at the world! Cerebral Palsy, which "fell" on the girl due to being born premature, took away her chance to walk and talk with her peers. Also, Yaroslava's father left her to fight for her future only with her mother. However, the girl really likes to live that she is not even scared of 4-hour lessons of LFK every day, trips to the neurologist, never ending shots and trips to rehabilitation. The girl already learned to sit, understands the speech of the people around her, and in order to communicate with them she made up her own "language". Unfortunately, all of those are not enough in order for the girl to go to a regular kindergarten, and later to school. At first she has to walk on her own and talk. There is little time left: in September Yaroslava will turn 6, after this age defeating Cerebral Palsy is much harder. The girl's mother cannot go to work, for the daughter needs constant care. While a child's disability pension is little more than 2000 UAH. The rehabilitation course that cannot be missed in February 20th. Yrovlava's dream to learn to walk and talk is in our hands!

    Project's goal is to collect 10 00 UAH before February 15th in order to pay for rehabilitation course, which will help Yaroslava to learn to walk faster.

  • 69 626,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    10-year-old Daniil with relapse of leukemia will not survive without expensive drugs!

    11-year-old Daniil Ivanec has a very serious look. All because he had leukosis at the age of 5. The boy was able to go into remission, go to school and attend dance lessons and volleyball. However, last year in December leukosis returned with a new strength.... When the leukosis relapses, high dosage HR "chemo" blocks are assigned; Daniil has 8 of them, but he went through only one; due to damages to the work of spleen and pancreas, it is impossible to start the next round of "chemo"! Now Daniil needs very expensive medicine, which will regenerate his organs in order for the boy to continue to fight for his life! Will the boy be able to handle all these rounds depends only on the money, which the family from a small town of Verhovcevo from Dnipropetrovsk region does not have.

    Project's goal is to collect 50 000 UAH for Daniil, who will not be able to fight for life without medicine!

  • 10 591,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    This little baby is the fourth child in the Doroshko family. Vladik's mother's pregnancy went well, but a doctor's mistake during labor "presented" the boy with a difficult form of Cerebral Palsy. But the boy is not giving up! After 5 courses of rehabilitation, Vladik is trying to sit by himself, make his first steps and even hold his head! The boy has all the chances to walk and become a healthy child. But in the small town Yampol it is very difficult to find a job and the father works on different part-time jobs, which is why the family of four children is living on the "children's" 4000 UAH. But if not to continue the treatment, Vladik will not be able to stand on his feet and defeat the awful disability. We need to urgently collect 10 000 UAH till February 15th in order to send Vladik to rehabilitation!

    Project's goal is to collect 10 000 for the rehabilitation, which will help Vladik Doroshko to learn to walk sooner and defeat Cerebral Palsy.

  • 9 165,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    Maksim Rozovskiy - awaited first born in the family of young classmates Alexandra and Alexander. The young parents were very happy to have a fast beginning of a family that neither them nor the doctors did not notice that the baby was too big, which lead to the difficult labor, Maksim was taken out by a vacuum, asphyxia. The baby survived, but the difficult labor lead to an awful diagnosis - Cerebral Palsy. The biggest tragedy waited the boy later: the parents, who got tired of fighting and had another healthy child, left their son to be raised by grandmother and great grandmother. And now it is 5 years that Maksim's grandmother Olga is raising her grandson for her only pension. Due to her great affort Maksim can now sit, hold his head by herself and play with toys! Without regular rehabilitations Maksim will not even be able to stand up! Rozovskiy family is not stoping to fight, but now they really need your help, because for Maksim it is very importnat.

    Project's goal is to collect 8 860 before January 29th, in order to pay for rehabilitation course for Maksim in Lvov.

  • 10 008,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    This little girl was born into a loving family, but was healthy for only one month! The first diagnosis is her life showed, that Nastya has a brain cyst, which means that her psychological development is in danger! The doctors assured that after a course of therapy the cyst will disappear by itself. At first that is how it was: Nastya was taking medicine, made sounds and started moving. However, at six months the girl did not even try to sit, and after the second diagnosis the doctors just said that there is no prognosis, but "plant growing." Now Nastya is 1,8 months. After rehabilitation courses in Truscavets and Lviv, she sits, stands with help, understands speech and likes to play. But still she does not walk or talk. Missing even one rehabilitation course for Nastya means to simply stop developing. In the family from a small village in Poltavskiy region only father works, while the mother in constanly with the girl. The parents took a loan in order to bring their daughter to her feet. Because saving 10 000 UAH from father's salary of 3000 UAH and Nastya's pension of 2000 UAH for the rehabilitation is impossible. You and us are the only chance for Nastya to defeat disability!

    Project's goal is to collect 10 000 UAH before January 15th to pay for rehabilitation that will help Nastya learn to talk and walk.

  • 36 355,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    Looking at this boy under IV, it is impossible to believe that just a year ago he was a talented goalkeeper and dreamt of living a life of a soccer player. The heart of a 16-year-old Valera Gajdar in February started hurting to the point that the boy could not breathe. At the regional hospital, it turned out that Valera had fluid built up around the heart and in the lungs. Later it turned that it was Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system! This type of oncological disease paralyzes the work of the immune system and does not let the body to get rid of toxins by itself. Valera had already gone through 9 (!) rounds of "chemo". emergency care, and now weighs only 37kg! In order to "defeat" the disease, the boy was assigned a treatment of high dosage blocks, the first one if behind him. How many of these rounds left depends on how the disease will act. In order to defeat cancer and survive, Valera needs regenerative drug therapy, which the hospital does not have. The boy is being raised by his father and uncle, Valera's mother died of sarcoma when he was only 2 years old. During the entire treatment process, the family never asked for charity help. However, now the situation is critical - Valera's father is on a pension, while the uncle is completely in debt with loans.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 30 000 UAH to purchase the most needed regenerative therapy drugs, which will help Valera to defeat cancer.

  • 97 548,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    Doctors of the reconstructive surgery department at children's hospital on Kosmicheskaya spend over 1 000 surgeries a year. That is where the lives of children with different cancer types are being saved, while kids with physical birth defects get a chance to grow healthy. The surgeries cannot be performed without an electrocautery - a special device that instantly stops bleeding. The existing device at the hospital had broken, and in order to stop children's deaths from blood hemorrhage during surgeries, the hospital took a credit for electrocautery! The government does not finance the replacement or repair of such equipment, and the doctors are performing surgeries with a machine that is not even paid for yet.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 97 502 UAH for the payment of electrocautery, without which performing surgeries is impossible

  • 15 819,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    During the pregnancy Katya Stepanets's mother found out that her baby will be born with a heart defect. The diagnosis did not stop the love, with which the birth of the girl was awaited. The labour went well, but Katya had to have 2 heart surgeries. The first one went well, but the second one, due to the doctors' mistake, lead to brain damage and ended up with Cerebral Palsy. Now already 5 years single mother is fighting for her daughter living on a child's pension. The father abandoned his daughter at birth. At the moment Katya cannot walk or talk, but she is smiling and can understand directed to her speech, and is trying very hard during her rehabilitation lessons. If we just a little support this strong family, then Katya will be able to walk, learn to talk and start living a regular healthy life.

    Project's goal is to collect 15 820 UAH before January 1st for the rehabilitation for Katya Stepanets in the clinic "Tomatis" which will help her learn to talk faster

  • 73 796,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    Meet Maxim Dumov. He is only 8 years old, but it is the second time he is at a child's hematology. Leukosis, which the boy miraculously defeated 2 years ago, had returned. Maxim had already started the chemotherapy, but there are no medications that help the body to handle the chemo at the hospital. And there is noone that can buy them, for the boy is an orphan. Mother had her parental rights taken away, while the father just disappeared. The grandmother, who is raising Maxim, had not yet paid off the debts from the previous treatment. This family does not even have money for food since grandma's pension is only 2000 UAH. Maxim has to handle 2 rounds of treatment, which can take half a year. The hospital has no medicine at all. You and us are the last hope!

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 30 000 UAH to purchase medicine that support the body systems during the fight with leukosis that returned to 8-year-old Maxim Dumov!

  • 30 061,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    Oleg Ogla from Pavlograd is only a year and a half old. Just over the summer he was quickly running away from his mother and older brothers, having all sorts of kids play. But in July his stomach started hurting along with vomiting. They were treating him for a stomach flu for a long time; only examination in Dnepr showed leukosis! The little boy had courageously gone through already three rounds of chemotherapy, he has two left. Mother, who is raising three children alone and works at a market, is desperate. Just one antibiotic "Zavedoks" costs 7 000 UAH for 2 ampules! And that is without talking about the rest of the medications list, which is changing every day. The family took out a few bank credits, the relatives gave them everything they had, but without the money continuing saving the boy is impossible.

    Project's goal is to collect 30 000 UAH for the medications to complete the chemotherapy and defeat cancer

  • 29 999,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Last year due to the shootings in the dear Mariupol, the family of the 3-year-old Lesha Udovchenko ran to the c. Drugkova. A few months ago Lesha broke a high fever all of a sudden, everybody thought it was a cold. However, when his lips went blue and lymph nodes inflamed, extra tests showed blood cancer. Now Lesha has to have 3 rounds of "chemo". After the first one, he thank god, went into remission, but blood works are not good, the boy is on intravenous feeding. The refugee family does not have the money for their son's treatment. Lesha has a little brother, while the mother is on maternity leave. Due to the move from their occupied territory to the new city, the father could not find a steady job, and works part-time on building sites. The parents are asking for help, for they are unable to save their son themselves!

    Project's goal is to collect 30 000 UAH for the most important medications that will help Lesha finish "chemo" and defeat leukosis!

  • 18 030,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    Sasha Safonov was born 6 years ago with no breath due to an abrupt termination of labor. In simple words his diagnosis - "Organic personality disorder with hyperdynamic syndrome", which meant that he had no ability to hear other people, talk to them, communicate and build relationships, in other words, complete helplessness. However, half a life of rehabilitation produced a miracle: Sasha is now happily communicating and goes to a kindergarten and even going to go to a regular school! But without cementing the treatment with expensive drugs, "Cerebrokurim" costing 7 500 UAH for a pack and "Cerebrum" for 500 UAH that regulate brain functions, the dangerous personality disorder can return, and then it is goodbye to the school and the normal life. But the price of medications is the monthly salary of the whole family and they have nothing left to live on!

    Project's goal is to collect 18 030 UAH for a year's supply of the medications for regulating brain function that help defeat helplessness, while for Sasha it means going to school!

  • 20 004,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    2-year-old Vanya from a simple rural family does not have enough money for the victory over kidney cancer! 2-year-old Vanya Bajrak was born strong and healthy baby. Not long ago the boy was going to the kindergarten and played with friends. Until one day... stomach inflammation, which is not rear for the kids his age, turned out to be a horrible diagnosis - kidney cancer. A few weeks ago Vanya's kidney with a tumor was removed, and he awaits long rounds of chemotherapy. At the moment he is going through the 1st round, while platelets already decreasing fast and he needs constant blood transfusions. Bajrak family is a regular family from village Vasilievka in a Nikolaevskiy region, where only his father works as a foreman at a construction site for little money, while mother is sitting at home with the son on a maternity leave. For them only an antitumor agent "Karboplatin" costs 10 000 UAH for a pack! Which is only a small amount of needed medications!

    Project's goal is to collect 20 000 UAH for the victory of 2-year-old Vanya over kidney cancer

  • 20 000,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Many years parents of these babies were dreaming about having kids, and even took out a credit in order to make an artificial insemination. The pregnancy went well, till on the 26th week water broke too early and on 30th of September Mark and Zahar were born into this world.... weighing only 760 and 470 gramms. Marc is now at the Center named Rudnev with stomach problems and defects to the nervous system, in the last 3 weeks the boy does not eat much and is not gaining weight. While Zahar weighing less than half a kilo in the neonatal ward of the children's hospital on Kosmicheskaya connected to AV machine. Every day the mother Julia is torn between two brothers at different ends of the city, whose hospitalization costs thousands of dollars. The father who works as a regular mechanic works all day long for the purchase of the life-saving medications and at the same time pays off the credit. These boys, possibly, are the last chance for the Podprigora family to have their dream of having children. They must be saved!

    Project's goal is to collect 20 000 UAH for the life-saving medications and intravenous feeding for the premature Podprigora twins!

  • 10 000,2 UAH Projects is finished!

    This little boy Maxim Tereshenko has been born only three weeks ago - 25th of October 2016. The boy was born very premature weighing only 1.6 kg and with many defects: damage to the nervous system, jaundice, brain disease. All these diagnoses are not deadly if treat them correctly and in time. However, Maxim's mother is a refugee from Donetsk region, the father refused the child. The desperate mother just comes to the Center named Rudnev with nothing and cries over her child, for she cannot help him. Every week thousands of UAH are needed for intravenous feeding, antibiotics, catheters, syringes, and diapers, while there is no money even for food.

    Project's goal is to collect 10 000 UAH for intravenous feeding and antibiotics, without which the premature Maxim Tereshenko will just not survive

  • 10 000,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    These two boy twins were born on October 18th on the 36th week of pregnancy weighing 900 grams each. Their mother has not visited them even once since they were born, and will not come at all. While the boys besides being premature, have problems with the intestine operation, nervous system, and breathing problems... However, even all these factors included, the boys have a high chance to get healthy! At the moment the brothers cannot breathe by themselves, the bodies need to urgently gain normal weight in order for the body to start working fully and begin the organs operation. Unfortunately, the brothers have no one to bring them formula or medicine but us.

    Project's goal is to collect 10 000 UAH for the life needed medication for the premature orphan twins in order to save their lives!

  • 22 650,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Stas Buhalin is such a troublemaker. Just give him pencils and a paper! Everything that he saw was reflected on the paper. His mother couldn't even imagine that soon all this energy in her son's eyes will disappear. During the vacation at the sea, Stas was like changed: he became tired and after their return, he had inflamed lymph nodes. Doctors shocked with the diagnosis - leukosis. 9th year of his birthday he met under and IV in an oncology department and made only one wish - to defeat the horrible disease that appeared out of nowhere. The child had only one round out of three. Which means that Stas needs to stay at the hospital for over that half a year, which is a lot of money! Mother is on maternity leave with Stas's sister, while the father is a regular factory worker with a small salary that is always delayed. The father takes on all extra work in order to pay for his son's treatment, but it is not enough.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 20 000 UAH for the needed medications, without which the victory over cancer is impossible

  • 6 000,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    A year ago we along with you purchased a special treadmill for 10-year-old Veronika Gubich from Krivoy Rog with difficult case of Cerebral Palsy could finally start walking! However, the puberty period that started along with the active growth lead to the situation where muscles and tendons just cannot catch up to the bones! If we don't do something, in a few months Veronika will simply not be able to bend her legs and her parent will have to move her around in a handicap chair like a "plant". While the main dream of a creative and sociable girl - to go to school and find friends - will become impossible. Therapists from Borispile agreed to help, for they specialize in cases with Cerebral Palsy like Veronika's; however, poor parents who all their life work for their daughter's treatment just do have the means to get the 6 000 UAH!

    Project's goal is to collect 6000 UAH before November 20th, in order to send the girl to the rehabilitation that will finally bring her to her feet instead of the handicap future

  • 23 383,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    When Yana Prohoda from Dneprodergzinsk was 9 years old, she already survived and defeated horrible blood cancer. In 11th grade, Yana became very interested in art; she started drawing beautiful graphic sketches, she was getting ready to apply to an industrial college and had long forgotten about the deadly disease. But all her plans were destroyed with the return of leukosis. For now, she went through only 3 blocks of intensive polychemotherapy out of six, for which her single mother a factory worker with two children had collected the 100 000 UAH herself. However, the children's hematology provides only chemo without medicine that regenerates organs damaged by chemo. The artist only needs a little before complete victory: doctors assure that if relapse occurs in most cases it is possible to reach the full remission, thus no return of cancer.

    Project's goal is to collect 20 000 UAH to continue the cancer treatment of the talented girl

  • 13 500,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    Looking at the serious not by age eyes of the 3-year-old Sasha, it is impossible to believe that the boy was healthy just about a month ago! After a hepatitis shot, a blood hemorrhage happened into the brain, after which emergency care, surgeries and IVs. Sasha was discharged from the hospital with severe central nervous system and epilepsy. Which is why at the age of 3 the boy does not talk or walk. The mother is torn between raising two older children and expensive treatment of the youngest. While the father had left Vinnica for Kiev for a job, otherwise it is impossible to feed the family of 5. Especially when you are trying to save the youngest son from the hands of disability, and each rehabilitation is worth 14 000 UAH, and a "child's" pension is only 2 000 UAH.

    Project's goal is to collect 13 500 UAH for rehabilitation course in Lvov that will help Sasha to start talking and walking

  • 18 001,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Oleg Ovnichikov is only 3 months old. He is the 11th child in the family of the refugees from ATO zone. The Down Syndrome, with which Oleg was born, does not scare the family. The biggest struggle for this family - is the youngest's heart defect. Oleg does not have a wall between atrias - from a medical point of view the situation is fixable: the wall can be "fabricated" from boy's own tissues. However, the surgery is impossible without needed medical supplies, which are non-existent in the hospital. Their cost is 18 000 UAH and is impossible for a family that lives in a small village and makes honey for a living. Only our help will help to save this family from loss.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 18 000 UAH for the purchase of medical supplies needed to the surgery that will rid Oleg from heart defect.

  • 11 500,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    Looking at this photo of 7-year old Diana Lylyakova, it seems that the girl will just jump up and run to her friends and new adventures. However, due to the congenital subluxation of the hip joints Diana walks with difficulty and pain. The only way to help her is to place special titanium plates that will "adjust" in the body and will provide normal movement activity. The girl already had a few surgeries and in order to not lose any effectiveness, she needs the last one urgently. A child's body cannot "postpone" its development till the moment when single-mother from the module town for refugees from ATO zone in Krivoy Rog will save the money to pay for the titanium plate.

    Project's goal is to collect 8 500 UAH for the titanium plate that will return Diana an ability to move without pain.

  • 11 301,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    This cry for help came to us from a young Omelyanyk family from Nikolaev. Their dear son Yaroslav is only 3-years-old and already he is fighting for his life with lymphoblastic leukemia. Half a year ago he went to a kindergarten, and soon after he got a "little cold", which would not go away and turned out to be blood cancer. Now the boy is living in the hospital for the 3rd month, where 1st round of medication is going on out of three. He is hanging in there for now, but cruel chemo along with the cancer cells is destroying liver, mucous membranes and the heart. The hospital does not have either antifungus medications or for organ support. In the family only father can work, and the monthly bills for the son's life in the amount of thousands of UAH are becoming impossible to handle.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 11 301,60 UAH for anti fungus and immune system stimulants medications in order for the boy to survive chemotherapy

  • 12 000,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    Maxim Rogovan started the fight for life even before birth when ultrasound during pregnancy showed that he had a heart disease: from 2 atria and 2 ventricles the boy doesn't have one ventricle due to which a normal breathing and blood circulation is impossible. One surgery already took place. next one in half a year. But in order to survive till the surgery, infection in the lungs needs to be cured. Because of the infection, Maxim can only breath through AV machine and eat intravenously. Every week for the catheters, syringes and glucose 3000 UAH are needed; while he needs to stay in the emergency care for long. For the family from a small town of Dnepropetrovsk region, these sums are catastrophic. Mother is with Maxim in the hospital and cannot work. Father is busy from morning till sundown, taking every job in order to save his son.

    Project's goal is to 12 000 UAH in order to provide Maxim with the needed medicine for the month of treatment in emergency care!

  • 25 199,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Just two weeks ago 4-year-old Lera Susla was on vacation with her family at the sea with no signs of troubles. One of the days the girl lost appetite, became very moody, nervous, had hard time moving, and hemoglobin level lowered fast. Diagnosis showed leukosis. Lera was already assigned 3 rounds of chemotherapy at the Hematology department at Dnepropetrovsk regional children's hospital, where she will have to spend at least half a year. Even the very distant relatives were helping with the money in order to save the girl. But that is not enough, each month of treatment costs up to 70 thousands UAH, for chemo along with hitting the cancer cells, hits internal organs, which can only be cured with expensive treatment.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 25 000 UAH in order to provide 4-year-old Lera with the most needed medicine to start the chemotherapy

  • 7 191,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    In order for the tripletes - Misha, Maxim, Dima - were born into this world, their mother - Sventlana Prokofieva together with her husband and a three-year-old daughter Katya, left their own home in Makeevka that was under control of DNR terrorists and came to Krivoy Rog. And already in April at the family was born a fifth girl - Alena. Luckily all the kids are healthy; however, the big family doesn't even have their own home (they are living in a small rented house, while the goverment is refusing to place them in line for receiving a home)... kids monetary help is only 800 UAH for each of the four kids till they turn 3, and have only a small refugee monetary help. Monetary help for poor families was canceled. The father is not currently working - helping his wife with kids. This money are not enough to feed the family. They are in need of diapers, kids food mixes, cleaning products.

    Project's goal is to collect 5000 UAH in order to provide the family from Makeevka with diapers, kids food mixes, cleaning products and clothes

  • 10 055,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    2-month-old Timur Vodopiyanov was born on time weighing half a kilo less than normal. He was given the lure, but the weight was not growing, the body was rejecting the food and a choking episode took place. At the moment Timur has the "five" diagnosis - hepatitis, pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis and all this against the background of congenital abnormalities. For the complete diagnostic the boy needs to be taken to kiev "Ohmadet", but the boy is in a coma and under the AV and cannot be moved. Every day of the emergency care costs thousands of UAH.The family gave all their money to save their son and are in debt. But it is important to get the boy out of coma and send to Kiev, have a diagnosis and have a life-saving treatment.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 10 000 UAH in order to bring two-month-old Timur out of coma, send to "Ohmadet" and start effecting treatment

  • 19 994,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    12-year-old Yilya Rogalchuk, who is fighting leukosis for the 2nd time already in his life, has become a second time a pupil of our Charity. After 6 rounds of high-dosage "chemo" Yliya is practically grasping for life with the last strength: critically low level of platelets in the blood, while the fungus almost "ate" all the mucous membranes. From time to time his stomach stops... However, ahead are still 4 rounds, radiation and a year of "dry chemo." Will the boy be able to handle all these rounds is depended only on the money, which his parents do not have. At home two younger children are waiting, while at the hospital there are no drugs for "chemo" or rehabilitation. Save the older boy from this family with a lot of children can only you along with us.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 19 993 UAH in order to provide Yilya with medicine for the 7th block of "chemotherapy", without which he will not survive

  • 3 714,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    At his age of 16 years Misha Semenenko already holds a "blue belt" in karate at a Dnepr championship; he is interested in astronomy, graphic design and even makes movies! But all of a sudden a month ago an inflamed lymph node on the neck turned out to be a malignant tumor! Misha has to go through 8 (!!!) blocks of high-dosage "chemo", which means that at least half a year spending in the children's oncology on Kosmicheskaya. Every day the cost for treatment is 2 000 - 3 000 UAH, but the family of a regular family of teachers with the salary of 3 000 - 3 500 UAH "saving up" such money for the treatment in impossible.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 25 000 UAH in order to provide Misha with the drugs for the start of the treatment that will save his life

  • 13 198,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    5-year-old Tim Akulov has a difficult form of type 1 diabetes due to which he can go into an "insulin coma" that results in a paralysis of entire brain sections. Instead of games with friends, Tim has 6 insulin shots a day and 10 blood sugar checks with finger blood. Despite the difficult illness, the boy is dreaming about going to the regular school and practice martial arts. However, now due to diabetes the boy is even unable to go to the kindergarten. The problem can only be solved with a special pump and a monitor, which control the blood sugar level non-stop and inject insulin when needed. However, the cost of this in 124 000 UAH - an impossible sum for a regular family, while the government does not fund such devices. Cooperating with CF "Kiddo" we are opening a project for collecting a part of the sum in order to save the future champion

    Project's goal is to collect 13198 000 UAH to purchase an insulin pump and a monitor of blood sugar in order for Tim to go to school, do sports and start living a life of a regular kid

  • 5 500,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    A birth trauma and doctors' mistake turned Vladik Paseka into a breathless body with a diagnosis "microcephaly, mental and speech retardation, epilepsy". He does not speak, walk or even sit by himself. However, the family did not leave him despite the doctors' advice and found a rehabilitation center in Hmelnitskiy, which "taught" Vladik to breath by himself, eat and drink. The regular epilepsy episodes decreased. If the family does not stop, then the boy will learn to understand speech, sit and even walk! But a handicap pension in the amount of 2000 UAH is impossible to "save up" for the rehabilitation - 5500 UAH. And "extra work" at the a small town of Vinistskay region is impossible to find. While in 2 years there will be no ability to help Vladik.

    Project's goal is to collect 5 500 UAH in order to send Vladik to a rehabilitation, which will help him to start walking and helping himself.

  • 25 000,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    At the age of 17 Sasha Yavorivskiy from Krivoy Rog is an orphan with parents being alive. Mother is in prison, while the father had left the family a long time ago. Sasha also has a younger brother and sister. Recently Sasha was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. This form of cancer affects the lymphatic system and all internal organs, killing metabolism. Sasha lonesome day to day is laying in an oncology wing of hospital on Kosmicheskaya and his life depends on help of non-indifferent people, for ahead are 7 rounds of "chemo" that cost thousands of UAH, while there is no medicine at the hospital.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 25 000 UAH to purchase drugs for the second round of "chemo" for the cancer fight of noone's Sasha.

  • 80 092,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    This year in April while playing at a playground with his older sister, 2-year-old Kostya Kravchenko ran after a ball to a swinging swing. Its hardest blow came straight to the boy's head. Kostya survived by a miracle but went into a coma with a terrifying diagnosis - difficult fractures of the right temporal and parietal lobe of the skull. After a month a half Kostya was discharged without a "piece" of a skull - the broken part was removed during a surgery, and now the brain is covered by the skin. This means that even a light blow to that spot with a plush toy ould kill Kostya. Moreover, his left hand and leg are paralyzed. The only way out is - closing the "hole" by implanting titanium sheets to the skull; however, mother of two children from Pavlograd does not have 80 000 UAH for this. The hospital said that the sheets "are not the first necessary need for hospitals" and is not provided by the government.

    Project's goal is to collect 80 000 UAH in order to purchase titanium sheets for Kostya that will close the "hole" in his broken skull

  • 98 647,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    When the center of mother and child named Rudnev gets a premature child with critical mass of 600 grams, which means that the food products, immunostimulants, and antibiotics have to be getting into these tiny bodies through catheters. Regular cheap catheters with cost of 15 UAH, first of all, have very thick needle for a tiny vein of a baby; second of all, they have to be changed twice a day, thus making new pain again and again for tiny bodies and making blood clots. The solution is in expensive catheters with an extra thin needle, which do not have to be changed in a month and a half! However, the price is almost 2 000 UAH, which can not be collected on a spot by the poor parents.

    Project's goal is to collect 50 000 UAH to purchase 160 packs of ultraprecise catheters for the urgent matters in saving babies that were born ahead of time

  • 17 438,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Dima Matijchuk is a little over one year. This weekend the boy had run out of the house to a driving lot, where his father was starting a car and was hit. He had to have his spleen removed and pancreas sewed together. All Dima's main organs had been damaged, feeding can only be done intravenously. The family has three more kids, besides Dima, 13-year-old, 11-year-old and 4-year-old. In order to always be by Dima's side, mother, father and younger sister live right in their car near the hospital. They are in a large debt right now. They don't have relatives or friends in Dnepr.

    Project's goal is to urgently provide Dima with life supporting medicine and intravenous feeding to the sum of 17 339 UAH

  • 33 352,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    Her whole life everyday Dasha Tkachenko starts with long inhalations and expensive medicine. The girl has a rare genetic disease - cystic fibrosis, which means that her kidneys work only partly, while her immune system is so weak that bronchitis and pneumonia happen a few times a year! Despite all that, Dasha is a good student at a regular school, she loves her friends very much, and really misses them during her long illnesses. The only way - inhalations of "Pulmozim" costing 16 800 UAH every month! Without it Dasha has no chances to "grow out" the disease. However, collecting such a sum every month is impossible for a simple family.

    Project's goal is to collect 33 300 UAH is order to provide Dasha with a two-month supply of drug "Pulmozim", which will give the body the strength to grow out of the difficult disease

  • 15 230,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    A 3-year-old Yasya Gun has a very rare disease - born hunger disease (such dysfunction of a pancreas, when the body uses up the glucose so fast that the brain does not receive the needed nutrients and....dies!) The girl - is the only one in Ukraine with this diagnosis. Our domestic medicine just does not know how to help such children. Due to a late diagnostic, Yasya cannot walk by herself, talk, almost blind and suffers from epilepsy. Long treatment had returned her reaction to light and speech, ability to make a few steps and make sounds. However, stopping the treatment means the end to this girl, while the parents are completely drained looking for funds to save Yasya.

    Project's goal is to collect 15 230 UAH before August 8, in order for 3-year-old Yasya receives the treatment that will return her sight and ability to walk.

  • 20 000,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    13-year-old Vanya Dzubenko and 4-year-old Milena Poplavskaya are hardly surviving in a small town of Ochertyanka, Gitomirska region. Both have Cerebral Palsy, burdened by enuresis. Vanya and three little sisters are being raised by an old grandma (their mother is a heavy alcoholic), Milena is raised by a single mother. Cerebral Palsy had paralyzed Vanya's whole lower body, while infection in his leg had almost lead to amputation. Everyday Vanya needs 10 diapers, but his grandma's pension is only enough for a few. Milena does not walk or talk due to Cerebral Palsy. Her mother cannot work, for the girl needs constant care. In order to pay for the washing machine (things of the handicap need to be washed everyday), the woman gave away the last piece of land that was feeding them.

    Project's goal is to collect 20 000 UAH in order to provide Vanya and Milena with diapers that are needed like air!

  • 25 476,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    Dnepropetrovsk region constantly registers deaths from rabies. Every month there are up to 40 kids who come with animal bites! Such can happen to every one of us, for stray dogs are in every part of the city. Without fast medical help this infection affects the entire nervous system and results in death.Unfortunately, the vaccine is gone in the region and it is even impossible to buy it in pharmacies! The government will only send the vaccine only after a tender in July, until then there is nothing that can save the kids from rabies!

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 25 476,17 UAH in order to buy 50 doses of the antirabies vaccine for the children's regional hospital so that the affected kids could be saved before the government sends the vaccines

  • 30 000,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Genya Butkevich from Dnepropetrovsk is not even one-year-old yet. The loved one in the family, this tiny girl has not yet heard the family's voices! Outside she is not different from other babies her age - the same playful happy child. But the girl has such a born deafness that even the strongest hearing aids do not help. The only way - is a special surgery of "inserting" a hearing implant costing 772 650 UAH! The government had stopped sponsoring such surgeries for an undefined period of time. Now the child is going through the process of forming the speech skills, and without the urgent surgery, she will not be able to hear or speak in the future, even reading from the lips will be impossible and she will be completely cut out from the world! The project for collecting the main sum was started by Charity Fund Kiddo. "DobroDiy" had also decided to support the girl, for there is no time left to wait.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 30 000 UAH for implantation of the hearing device so that little Genya does not loose ability to talk and hear the world

  • 30 121,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    The life of 7-year-old Denis Posunko had changed forever unusual visit to the dentist, where he had his baby tooth removed. That night, he woke up from a headache and started vomiting. It turned out that Denis has a circulatory disorder in the brain, a vessel burst near cerebellum and created extensive hemorrhage. The right side of the body was parolized. The burst vessel needs to be urgently "put together", for the second hemorrhage Denis may not survive! For this he needs a set of precision catheters, which will transfer life-saving medicine directly to the deeply placed vessel near the cerebellum. This set costs 29 900 UAH, from which the parents could save up only a third part, while any physical or mental stress could cost their son's life!

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 29 900 UAH for the catheters for insertion of fluid, that will "glue" the burst vessel of a 7-year-old Denis

  • 90 552,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Just a year ago year and a half sisters Katya and Ksusha Shevcov were talking non-stop, but suddenly after a simple cold stopped talking and responding to sounds and speech! Doctors rushed to the hospital. It turned out that a fluid had formed in the ear drums, it was sucked out, but their hearing did not return. Urgent diagnosis in Kiev had brought horrible news - complete hearing loss and disability. Hearing aids did not help the situation. The last chance for the sisters to hear - is to have hearing implants priced 90 522 UAH each! To find the needed funds the parents have... a month and a half, for on June 3rd the girls will turn 3 years of age, after which the girls will have to learn from scratch not only how to hear. but how to speak, since the brain will simply "forget" all!

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 90 552 in order to pay for the surgery of hearing aid implant for one of the twins - Katya Shevcov, which will return hearing and speech

  • 7 812,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    The story of the 8-year-old Yulya Gurbenko is a life despite the diagnosis and prognosis of doctors. The girl hardly survived from a birth injury, but after that all her life Cerebral Palsy has her tied up in a handicapped chair, while convulsive syndrome does no let her mind and mentality to develop. She does not give up, she went through 13 courses of rehabilitation, which tough her to sit, hold things and even jump! However, to start walking and talking Yulya cannot due to episodes of convulsions. Moreover, intake of anticonvulsants conflicts with rehabilitation courses. Which is why the girl was missing two years of treatment. But now, when the convulsions went away, the girl needs urgently return to the treatment, while her body did not develop yet and it can be changed. However, parents drained from the non-stop expensive treatment are simply unabled to collect the needed sum till June!

    Project's goal is to collect 7 812 UAH till June 20th for the treatment in Truskovets - the last chance for Yulya to start walking!

  • 25 055,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Tiny Mark Gulmanyan will be 3 months old on April 17th. Without even realizing it, the baby is fighting for life every day. Mark was born premature,underdeveloped blood system, and hemorrhage to the brain lead to cerebrospinal fluid accumulating in the brain. The head is blowing and the fluid is creating more pressure on the brain , which could lead to death and to the most difficult unbearable childhood in the body of a cripple. The temporary shunt had already been placed and is sucking out the fluid, but its due date on April 18th, which is why the parents have only a week to miraculously collect 25 thousand for the permanent shunt, which the boy could have up until he is 14; otherwise, there is no way out. But for a family of a regular worker - it the pay of half a year, which they cannot collect in one week!

    The project's goal is to urgently collect 25 000 UAH for the shunt that will be sucking the fluid from the brain and save little Mark's life!

  • 25 017,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    Olya Suvorova is only three years old. Her happy childhood ended in November last year. After a polio vaccine, a fever broke and a rash appeared on her legs. The diagnosis shocked the family - Olya has leukosis, a difficult form - L2Pro-B, which affects the brain right away! The girl can be saved with 5 rounds of "chemo" and a radiation course, but her tiny body is not able to handle the blow. At the beginning of first round Olya was walking around the ward and played with volunteers. Now she cannot even get out of bed: her heart, liver and kidneys are drained. Without medicine that will "start" organs' operation, continuing "chemo" is not possible, but a regular family from Pavlograd cannot handle the bills of thousands of UAH.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 25 000 UAH in order to "start" regular work of the liver, kidneys and heart and to continue saving Olya with help of "chemo"

  • 7 812,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Vlad Koshelnik was born 7-monts old and 2 weeks was breathing through AVM. Then a surgery on an umbilical hernia, difficulties and then horrible diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. In two years his mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which cannot be cured. Father left the family, and a handicapped mother is left alone to fight for the future of her son. Now Vlad is 9 years old, the disease did not affect his mental development, and a successful leg surgery had given hope that a boy will leave the wheelchair. However, Vlad has only two years in order to learn how to walk and help his mother, who every day needs it more and more. All that is needed is not miss a single rehabilitation course. But now that Vlad with his mother are left alone to deal with their problems, 7 101 UAH is a catastrophic sum.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH in order to provide Vlad with rehabilitation course in July that will free him from the wheelchair

  • 39 812,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    12-year old Iliya Rogolchuk got seriously sick in 2012. The fever up to 40 and pain in the rig cage turned out to be symptoms of leukosis. 3 rounds of chemotherapy in a whole year and head radiation saved boy his life. The future chef had even returned to his hobby - cuisine; unfortunately, not for long.... In the Fall last year leukosis came back with new strength. This time, Iliya has to go through 8 rounds of "chemo", but he went only through the first one, for continuing "chemo" due to difficulties in liver operation and fungus infection is impossible. But if "chemo" won't help, the boy can only be saved with bone marrow transplant that costs 300 thousand euros and is done only abroad.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 39 812 UAH so that there is no need for having bone marrow transplant but to provide Iliya with drugs "Geptral" and "Amfolip", which will allow his body to handle the pressure and finish "chemo"

  • 22 400,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    Dnepropetrovsk center of mother and daughter n. Rudneva every day receives children with a critical body weight of 500gram and difficult pathologies. Saving such babies is only possible when the surroundings created are the closest to intrauterine. For example, blood and plasma temperatures for transfusions or medicine mixes have to be exactly as the body temperature in order for the body not to reject it. However, there are NO special systems at the hospital! The nurses warm up the mixtures on the radiator or simply in their hands! "The top" says that there are no funds for such system and are not going to be anytime soon.

    Project's goal is to collect 22 400 UAH is order to provide the hospital with 4 machines for warming fluids "Neaso" so that the premature babies could have safe blood transfusions of medications implantation

  • 21 480,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    On one of the wonderful July days a 7-year Lera Stajkuci all of a sudden developed cold symptoms: body weakness and high fever. But in the Hematology Department right away said that it was lymphoblastic leukemia. However, the prognosis were positive: 3 rounds of chemo had to defeat the sickness. However, the rapid decrease of leukocytes, many blood transfusions and "chemo" made a blow to the liver and now are seriously threaten the girl's life. Every ampule to of the leukocytes stimulator costs 1 500 UAH, and "Geptral" for the liver is another thouthand. All of these are impossibly high sums for the shy rural family...

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 22 088 UAH in order not let the liver and the leukocytes to "give up" one step before getting cured

  • The children

    11 марта 2016

    60 000,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    To the Charity "DobroDiy" once again came directorate of Dnepropetrovsk children's regional hospital asking for help in a repair of the sterilizer. In April last year, we had already made such repair happen when bought an expensive part - But due to the excessive use the machine broke again. At the moment, the hospital has 400 children, including newborns in difficult condition. Everyday there are about 20 surgeries; not making sure the sterile procedures happen, could lead to dangerous difficulties, festering of the wounds and infestations that transmit through blood. Which is why the crush of the steam sterilizer practically stopped the operation of the children's hospital, while 60 thousands for the repair are not included in the budget!

    Project's goal is to collect 60 000 UAH in order to urgently return the sterilizer to its working condition and has the hospital work again

  • 7 108,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    After birth, Denis Shepel was called "unsustainable". The birth trauma led to a difficult case of Cerebral Palsy, but the fantastic actions of the mother saved the boy's intellect; due to which, the boy at 8 years of age is fully learning in the 1st grade of special school, reads well and counts, can work a computer, learn poems and can even walk! But the effects of the Cerebral Palsy returned when the boy accidentally fell during recess; after that he started having severe seizures, and now he is panicle afraid to fall and walks only while holding his mother by the hand. The rehabilitation course will be able to return the ability to walk alone, but mother. raising Denis, is not able to collect such a great sum.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH before 1st of May in order to send Denis for rehabilitation in Truscavec, which will return his ability to walk

  • 35 000,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    On the photo - a 14-year-old Dima Makar, to whose came heavy test, that would be too much for a few older lives. 2 years ago, his father dies from stomach cancer; later the health of Dima himself worsened. The diagnosis was - leukosis with a heavy form - T-cells. More than a year went to the high dose "chemo" treatment and radiation. Just when the boy was finally sent home, due to the weak immune system, the boy received pneumonomoniliasis - the worst side effect of "chemo": the fungus vastly eats the lungs, which in the end leads to cancer. Every breath can be the last one. Dima's mother lost a husband and at any moment she could lose a son, for she is unable to pay even a part of the medications that could save him, and takes them from the phasmasy on tab!

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 35 000 UAH in order to provide Dima with medications "Amfolit", "Vifend" and others that could save his life

  • 5 859,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    Eva Marchuk was born in a military family: father - commander of the 93rd brigade in the ATO zone, mother - a secret agent at the 74th battalion. Despite her age of 3 months of, this girl is a real fighter. Due to the birth trauma, Eva had a hemorrhage into the back part of her brain, which practically deprived her of all the vital reflexes. First 18 days of her life, the girl was breathing through the AVM. Later came a series of intensive care in different hospitals all around Ukraine. Eva's brain is suffering from oxygen suffocation due to which she hardly can breathe or eat. The only way to save her is oxygen capacitor, with help of which the breathing function can be supported without being in an intensive care, even at home. However, the price of 15 200 UAH for Eva's parents is impossible to handle - salaries of military and constant spending for the medicine for the girl has placed the family on the verge of surviving.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 15 200 UAH in order to purchase the oxygen capacitor that will "teach" Eva to breath by herself!

  • 13 000,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    8-year-old Dominika Mizyak was born with a double cord entanglement and during the birth went into a coma for 13 days. The doctors brought her from the "other world", but with a difficult stage of Cerebral Palsy and symptomatic epilepsy. The father right away gave up on the family and left, while the mother with a grandma begone fighting for the girl sparing neither strength nor the means. As a result: today the girl understands the language, laughs, makes different sounds. But she has still not started talking, sitting, walking or even standing. The scheduled in April rehabilitation course promises to be critical and show if the girl would be able to walk and talk. But due to the high price of it the mother and the grandma, who already live in debt, cannot afford it. The only hope - is your kind hearts that not once "pulled" even the most difficult cases!

    Project's goal is to collect 13 000 UAH before the end of may in order to not deprive Dominika the only chance to start to start walking and talking

  • 12 466,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    Katya's mother's pregnancy went smoothly, but on the 7th month without any reason an edema starter that reached even to the brain. In order to save the mother and the child, the doctors performed a sea section. Kaya was born deeply premature weighing only 700 gram. Her lungs simply did not have time to "open up", the body can only supply itself with 30% of oxygen. Katya is breathing thanks to the AV machine and under artificial feeding, whole the mother is still in a critical state. Trying to find the funds to save the lives of his wife and daughter, the father has exhausted everything taking out many credits. Without our help, this young family can just cease to exist!

    The project's goal is to collect 12 462.50 UAH for the medicine that will help the girl to gain normal weight and overcome deadly danger (see "Documentation")

  • In a 3rd children

    16 февраля 2016

    17 172,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    Blood analyser or coagulometer - the most important machine that checks the blood's ability to clot. Without it, a child can simply die during surgery due to the blood loss. Las year our Charity "DobroDiy" had purchased a unique gemoanalizator for the center of mother and child of Rudneva:; during this time it was used to conduct over 10 thousand experiments, and now it broke due to unnormalized use. The repair costs 17 000 UAH that is not included in the budget. However, despite the fact of the broken analyzer, the newborns in most difficult conditions are still being transferred to that center.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 17 000 for the repair of the analyzer in order to stop placing the newborns in great danger during the surgeries

  • 46 663,2 UAH Projects is finished!

    Irina Arsentieva is used to be very careful with her health. She has 12 children born herself, and she just does not have time to be sick. The youngest are 2, 4 and 6, the oldest is a student age 21. Which is why the unexpectedly appeared breast cancer, was an extreme shock to the whole Irina's family. The disease turned out to be so vast that it can be cured after a dangerous surgery and 18 rounds of chemotherapy in one year! There are no needed drugs in the Ukrainian hospitals. Each round of "chemo" is 46 662 UAH. Irina went through 3 rounds already, she has 15 more to go! Money for each of the round the Arsentiev family collects with the help of a "whole world"- among friends and relatives. However, from day to day the family's resources are drained, but there is still a year of treatment; besides saving the mother, the family needs to feed and clothes 12 kids.

    Project's goal if to urgently collect 46 662,79 UAH, so that the mother of 12 children, Irina Arsentieva could continue fighting for her life.

  • 7 101,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Due to being premature and labor accident, the doctors gave up on Maksim Skripachev and suggested that parents place him in a special center, for at 1 year of age he received a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and very slow development. Parents had decided to fight for their son till the end, and to answer on their difficulties, Maksim himself is trying to be "normal". As a result: at the age of 3, the boy is not bad at talking, holds objects, sits and even tries to get up! Rehabilitation gives a huge chance that the boy will not end up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life; however, after the mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and father left the country to make money, this sum became impossible for the family of the small Maksim. The body is forming very fast, and the longer it takes to start rehabilitation, the less chances there are to defeat the disorder.

    Project's goal is to collect before 1st of March 7 101 UAH, in order have Maskim go through an intensive rehabilitation course that well free him from handicap grip.

  • 19 591,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    These photos of 4-year old Karolina are only 2 months apart; just in November, the girl was flirty posing in front of the camera, yet in a few weeks - a simple cold, swollen lymph nodes, then the girl just "went to sleep", stopped eating and was not getting out of bed. At the child's oncology department a scary diagnosis was announced - "Burkitt's lymphoma". This rare type of a tumor is dangerous that is fast is killing all the cells in the body and can reappear again and again in different places. Now Karolina's kidneys gave out, body cannot regenerate itself, and her life is on the verge of shutting down. A few days ago she started going through "chemo" right from the the third high dosage round due to the instant cancer spread. Such is an extreme blow to the 4-year-old body, after which a very expensive regenarative treatment will be needed, for which tens of thousands of dollars are urgently needed.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 19 591 UAH for the regerating therapy after the blow wave of the high dosage chemotherapy

  • 21 249,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    Lisa Vlasenko is only 6 years old. Untill the August of 2015 she was dancing, performed at all the city's festivals and was dreaming about becoming a veterinarian so that she could be saving animals from being sick. However, last summer she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is trying to ruin all of her plans. Right now she is going through a second painful round of chemotherapy; her immune system is weaker every day, and her lungs are filled with fluids... The treatment costs thousands of UAH every day, and the girl has no one besides her mother and grandma. Doctors are everything to have the girl return to the dancing and became a veterinarian, but the hospital simply does not have the most expensive treatment that she needs; yet without them there is no hope

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 20 000 UAH in order to provide Lisa with the medications of supporting therapy for continuing the salvation treatment

  • 61 772,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Polivanskogo children's orphanage is situated in a god forgotten village of Magdalinovskiy region. All 110 of its inhabitants - are the kids with the heavy physical and mental disorders. Most of them - are orphans, who have nowhere to go once turning 18! Which is why the orphanage employees often leave them to live there, giving them work they could handle and providing them with clothes and food by themselves. The kids suffer from enuresis and encopresis and really need anticonvulsants, that they get very rarely, and diapers, which are not even mentioned in the orphanage yearly budget!

    Project's goal is to collect 61 722 UAH, in order to provide the inhabitants of Polivanskogo orphanage a yearly need of anticonvulsants and diapers

  • 7 818,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    5-months old Karina Drobotova had lost her hearing after difficulties during the flu. The doctors had placed in time an implant and a hearing aid; however, the materials for it costing 12 thousands UAH need to be changed every six months! Without them, an expensive aid will stop working, and the girl will become deaf in days! Karina's father and grandparents died when the girl was just a baby. Only her single mother is left, for whom the cost of these expenditures - is a fortune.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 7 818 UAH for the materials to the hearing aid so that Karina does not lose her hearing

  • 10 017,2 UAH Projects is finished!

    Veronika was born just 3 years ago in a village Dubrovka, Dnepropetrovsk region, and began to explore this world with interest. Last summer the girl's fever jumped high all of a sudden, but parents thought that it was just a cold from the girl's loving walk around the puddles. However, in a few days, the ambulance had taken her to the city's children's hospital, where it was discovered that the girl had leukosis. The first round of chemo lead to a short coma and emergency care; however, the main treatment is still ahead, but handling it financially a simple rural family is not able.

    The project's goal is to urgently collect 10 000.49 UAH in order to provide Veronika with medications to begin the main steps in treating leukosis

  • 25 066,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    On the photo to the right - a pretty and lively Lisa Burenko before the fateful September 2015, when at the age of 12 the girl found out that she has one of the most difficult types of cancer - "non-Hodgkin lymphoma". Lisa had toughly handled two rounds of chemo, but a step before defeating cancer her immune system totally gave up. The support therapy costs thousands of UAH every day, but without it continueing with the other 4 rounds of chemo is impossible. In Dnepropetrovk the girl's mother does not have any friends or relatives. So there is no one that could help. But Lisa madly seeks to survive, we just need to a little support her.

    The project's goal is to collect 25 000 UAH in order to provide Lisa with the main medications for regenerating therapy and finishing the final rounds of "chemo"

  • 20 100,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    12-year old Vanya Nekratuy - a happy boy from an amicable family with many children of simple teachers at Solonyaskiy region. When in May of last year the child started vastly losing weight, the mother thought that he started "diating" due to the jokes of his classmates, but... after 3 months a pus in the lungs was found; then in October, it became known that the boy has cancer of the peritoneum. Despite the huge difficulties on the heart, Vanya had manfully handled two rounds of "chemo" and after the holidays, he has one more. Every day of the child's treatment is worth up to two thousand UAH, the sum is too high for the salaries of rural teacher earning 2-3 thousand UAH.

    Project's goal is to collect 20 000 UAH in order to provide Vanya with the final round of "chemo" without which beating cancer is impossible

  • 30 071,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    David was growing up a happy and smart boy, but in June 2014, while playing with kids, he lost consciousness right at a playground. The doctor's diagnose was such - "malignant tumor of the cerebellar vermis." The operational part of the tumor was removed right away, but the dangerous disease crawled into an unreachable part of the brain. "Burning" it out with "chemo" is also impossible, as the boy had fallen into a coma, which lasts a year already. The only chance to save the boy is a long step by step treatment that already made the mother to sell everything possible and borrow money from everyone who could give. But there is no end to this seen....

    Project's goal is to collect 30 071.05 UAH in order to help David go through the treatment, get out of the coma and defeat cancer

  • Completed on 100%

    Charity "DobroDiy" is continuing its good tradition in organizing New Year's celebrations for the most in need kids of Dnepropetrovsk, many of whom probably will not receive New Year's gifts under their tree due to their current situation. Which is why are offering to be their Grampa Frosts together for 250 pupils of learning and rehabilitation center #1 on 141 Chicherena St with physical and mental limitations, as well as 70 small inhabitants of the Module town for refugees at Levoberegnuy 3.

    Project's goal is to collect 320 sets of sweets (it can be cookies or different candies). All kinds of sweets we are collecting at the address: 11 Brigadnaya St., Dnepropetrovsk

  • 7 102,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    4-year old Vasya Lepewkiy was born premature on 8th month of pregnancy not breathing, with born pneumania and severe seizures. Doctors retuned the baby from "other world", but at 4 years he is not sitting, not talking and eats only mashed food. Rehabilitation gave a huge progress in a mental development and got rid of seizures; however, after 4 years of very expensive treatment parents find themselves without funds to continue them. To change Vasya's life with rehabilitation is possible only while he is little, and his body responds to corrections.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH till Jan 15th is order to send Vasya to a rehabilitation course, which will give him a chance to sit, talk and become a full boy

  • 7 116,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    Dasha Smirnova's destiny is a story of a real miracle. She was born premature, very weak and with such a "set" of disorders that doctors predicted her a life a "vegetable." However, her mother did not give up and to the age of 5 she learned to crawl, to sit and even... to walk held by a hand! But Cerebral Palsy is trying to defeat the girl: her muscles "cannot" stretch to the right size of very fast growing bones; due to this she can walk, but once she stops? she falls to the ground not being able to keep her balance. At her 11 years of age having achieved fantastic results, Dasha could forever seat in a wheelchair....

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH till March 1st in order to send Dasha to an intensive rehabilitation course in city Truskavec, which will not let the many-year effect of her treatment to fade

  • 14 841,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Roma Meshko was born 4 years ago with a severe pathology of the intestine due to that 80% of the intestine was removed. The child became a handicap with a diagnosis of "syndrome of a small intestine." Regular food is not being digested by "the rest" of the intestine, which is why the only way for the boy to keep the weight and live is to eat special mixes all his life. Every unit of it costs 350 UAH and it lasts only a few days. Which means that every month 5 000 UAH is going to only food without counting enzymes, medications and others. Meshko Family has another child to raise and to get such sums becomes harder with each month.

    Project's goal is to collect 14 840.70 UAH in order to provide 4-year-old Roma with a quarter worth of "Resurs Unior" special food mixes.

  • 11 216,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    Kira and Masha came to this world only a few days ago and very premature, on 7th pregnancy month and weighing a little more than 900 gr! This happened because one of the twins happened to be too close to the uterus and was pressing on the cervix, which lead its opening and shortening. The Imposed stitches did not help, the doctors proposed an abortion. But Lydmila really wanted to give birth to them, which is why she kept her pregnancy. On 24th of November with weight less than a kilo, the girls were born to this world. And now they need to be saved! However, the mother of the twins is in critical condition - in emergency care, while the father - is in other country...

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 10,958 UAH in order to provide the twins with intravenous feeding and antibiotics so that they could gain weight and survive

  • 30 222,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    2-year old Sasha Taran was born a perfectly healthy baby until last year in January all a sudden his fever jumped to 39 degrees. 2 months doctors only saw it as a "strap", then it was "arthritis"; only after the boy became completely sick in bed, doctors finally diagnosed leukosis (blood cancer). Because of the lost time, saving Sasha became with a high dosage of "chemo" (in a place of 1 ampule like other patients used 10 in one use!). The child barely survived and only from the 2nd try went into remission. However, the hospital is refusing to spend the entire supply of "chemo" on Sasha because of his high dosage needs. After 9 months of being in bed at the Hematology department, Sasha's parents are "drained"

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 30 312,49 UAH to continue the life-saving chemotherapy course for the 2-year-old Sasha Taran

  • 10 445,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Dasha Kolmukova was born a month ago a completely healthy girl, she spent 7 hours with her mother and suddenly.... without any reason started to get pale and suffocate. It turned out that the girl had two-sided pneumonia with a rupture in a lung with an infection. Without the Artificial Ventilation, the girl cannot breathe. The only medicine, which was accepted by her body, was expensive drug "Ilomedin" that helps with the spasms and lets her breathe. One ampule with a price of 500 UAH is only enough for 1 day of life. However, to start up the lungs only 10-20 ampules one after another will be able to do! Besides all of that, the parents everyday spend thousands of dolors to buy othe life-saving drugs.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 10 420 UAH to purchase 20 ampules of "Illodedin" so that the girl will be able to breath and not die from suffocation

  • 49 137,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Three-year-old Vitalik Romankov is a third child in the family. Pregnancy went smoothly, but since birth the boy was always very morbid and always sick with a cold. Tha is why when in August the boy had a swollen stomach, then breathlessness, fluid in the lungs and fever fluctuations, doctors for a long time saw only a common cold. However, it turned out to be a tumor growing between the heart and the left lung, which was growing and was not letting the boy to breath or to normally let the heart function. Later the situation worsened with the blood cancer. The first round of chemo had lessened the tumor, yet it is only the beginning of the hard fight for the child's life. The mother of many children has tired all her energy looking for the money to save the child, but without the expensive drugs there will be no hope.

    Project's goal is to collect 15 000 UAH in order to provide Vitalik with the needed medications for going through next rounds of chemo to fight leukosis.

  • 5 617,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Pasha's mother's pregnancy went absolutely normally with positive tests, till once on the 7th month of pregnancy without any reason the water broke. The baby was born premature weighing no more than 1,5 kg having swallowed a lot of water. Even after 2.5 months of ergent care, the intestine is till left in the non-working state; everything the baby is trying to eat, the body is regecting it, and the fical matter has to be cleared artificially. Right now the doctors cannot for sure determine the reason of the disorder, while single mother's money possibilities are almost gone.

    Project's goal is to collect 5612.30 UAH in order to purchase antibiotics and medicine intake to the body for Pasha to save his life.

  • 11 651,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    Misha is the fourth son in a big and happy Nesterenko family. All the brothers were born fully healthy except fo the youngest 1-year old Misha. Already in the womb it was clear that he is missing a diaphragmatic membrane, which separates left lung from other organs, because of which other organs started slowly shifting to the right not letting the lung to open. Even three surgeries did not ensure the miracle. Due to the lack of oxygen, the child could not gain weight; yet in half a year a small intestine burst. Now with all of there "occurrences" Misha is fighting for his life in emergency room, which costs the big family 600 UAH a day.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 11 651.50 UAH to provide a one and a year and a half old Misha with needed antibiotics that will allow him to survive and manage through the new surgeries

  • 4 630,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    The whole Ruslan's family had went tragically: at first cancer killed his grandfather and uncle, then his grandmother got sick, after grandmother his mom and dad. And then the horrible diagnose touched the boy. He has "lymphogranulomatosis", which is lymphoma's cancer - one of the most difficult cancer forms, where new cancer spots could occur in totally different places. Everything that the family earns goes to the hospital. Last time in order to by a pack of drug "Natulan", they had to sell for 10 000 UAH Ruslan's motorcycle - his only joy.

    Project's goal is to collect 4 629.35 UAH to purchase the primary medicine set for Ruslan to go through another chemotherapy round out of eight.

  • 7 716,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    In the middle of October we along with you, we provided an artificial "immune system" and with system of water input and other substances for Arina Horoshenko; who due to the born intestinal obstruction happened to be on the verge. Our help allowed her to start eating through her mouth, gain weight and restore the microflora. However, recently Arina developed an infection, which is trying to ruin her entire immune system again. Due to the absence the stomach valve that "slows" the food flow to have in properly digested - is a catastrophe.

    Project's goal is to urgently collect 7 715, in order to provide Arina with one more life saving dose of "immune system" in the form of "Oktagram" and the system of water and medicine input.

  • 59 120,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    Today in Dnepropetrovsk region are about 700 children in need of insulin, suffering from diabetes. The Government only provides them with insulin, but no with glucometers and test strips that allow constantly control the important levels of blood sugar. The rise of this level if unnoticed, can lead to dangerous side effects and sometimes fatal. Due to the high cost of glucometers, most of the children have to check their vitals weekly at a hospital. However, in the rural areas doing so is simply impossible.

    Project's goal is to collect 100 000 UAH in order to purchase 40 sets of glucometers and test strips for diabetic children from the unprotected layers of population living in the rural areas.

  • 50 002,2 UAH Projects is finished!

    The Ogorodnik family had been waiting for Kolya's birth very much. The parents had been strong in accepting their's son Dawn syndrome and a difficult heart defect, for which parents had provided for the surgeries. At 6 years when it seemed everything was behind, a horrible diagnose was found - blood cancer. Now Kolya is going the second round of chemotherapy with horrible side effects. Chemo had ruined the liver badly, his mouth had been effected from the "grugs". Everyday doctors are writing prescriptions for drugs costing thousands. Parents are working and living only for saving their son; however, without outside help they are not going to make it.

    Project's goal is to collect 50 000 UAH in order to provide funds for the third round of chemo for 7-year old Kolya, who is still fighting even through the side effects.

  • 32 754,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Doctors from the only regional children's cardiology are asking for help; the ward is in need of at least one defibrillator that "starts" a stopped child's heart. Now there is only a very old defibrillator, which due to the size and functions is only good for mature patients, and is impossible for use on "open" child's heart during surgeries. Because of the high cost of the machine, the question had not been even given thought by the government. Which means that newborns with heart pathologies who happened to be on the verge of life and death have nothing to have a surgery with!

    Project's goal is to collect 299 945 UAH in order to purchase the first defibrillator for the children's cardiology to save the smallest patients with the stopped heart.

  • 9 008,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    Suffocation by an umbilical cord during labor had "presented" 5-year old Mark with psychomotor disinhibition syndrome. But the boy was responding very well to the treatment, and it seemed that the disorder was behind...Until one way the war came to his city; moreover, to the house where was Mark along with his mother and brother a bomb dropped. The mother by the miracle saved the children in the basement, which saved their lived but not their mental state. All the developments of the many years of treatment went to nothing in the matter of hours. The Dnepropetrovsk's speech therapists could return the child's speech; however, his has a large gap in speech development, ADD along with hyperactivity syndrome, and enuresis. He needs a very expensive treatment; however, the refugee family living in a dormitory at a far end of the city simply cannot afford it.

    Project's goal is to collect 9 007.60 UAH is order to purchase medications "Cerebrokurin", "Korteksin" and so on, which could normalize the boy's mental health and speech

  • 15 187,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    The money collected by Charity "DobroDiy" was used to repair and equip a unique rehabilitation center for autistic kids on 169 Gagarina st., which started operating in September 2015. The main center's goal is to teach pupils to become useful to themselves and the society. For which the center scheduled a project called "Printery" that would teach children to make notebooks, postcards, business cards and posters themselves... This produce they later encash in order to earn their first money.

    Project's goal is to collect 75 200 UAH in order to start a mini-printery at the rehabilitation center for autistic children

  • 60 000,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    Till the winter of 2009 this was a happy family with three kids. However, one day the guys caught, what seemed to be an ordinary cold, which lead at first to a suffocation, convulsions, fast weight loss, metabolic disease, what later turned out to be a difficult born immune deficit that wasn't showing before. The disease affected myelin maturation of the white matter of the brain, which not only affects mental perception, memory, muscle dystrophia but also without treatment starts irreversible processes in the brain and psyche. Father left the family. And the mother was left alone to be saving her children. In order to save the boys' immune system and the brain, they need to go through a 6-month treatment course by medicine "Oktagam", an ampule of which costs 4 000 UAH. Monthly each child needs 16-28 ampules to a sum of 300 000 UAH!

    Project's goal is to collect 60 000 UAH in order to purchase one-month treatment course for the youngest, 6-year-old Kolya, for restore immune system

  • 8 095,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    This charming smiling girl was the main dream in her mother's life. However, because of a doctor's mistake Polina was born without signs of life having suffered from a severe anoxaemia. She was saved by a miracle, but at 5 months she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and became handicapped for life. The mother made impossible efforts so that the girl learned to turn, sit and stand with help. Inside Polina is a regular child: happy, curious, kind and patient girl, who really wants to jump up to her legs and run and play outside with other kids.But she cannot. On November 16th the doctors appointed Polina to a high effective rehabilitation treatment; however, her mother, being chained to the handicap child, does not have such money.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH before November 16th is order to send Polina to the treatment, without wich she will not walk

  • 16 603,2 UAH Projects is finished!

    After 13-year old Stas Subbota's leg started to hurt, doctors saw only a "sports injury"; however, after six months it turned out to be an advanced stage of cancer - Ewing's sarcoma of the pelvis. Along with you in August we were able to provide Stas with the needed medication to go through the first rounds of the chemotherapy. The last round was the hardest - lasted 5 days straight. Such procedures are very tough on the children, but Stas went through it well. The boy wants to get well very much, and his body is handling all the side effects. However, there is still one more round ahead and they again require expansive medications "Holoksan" and "Adriblastin", which heal the edema and kill cancer cells, to the sum of 15 905 UAH! Because of the long and expensive process, family's funds are ending.

    Project's goal is to collect 15 905 UAH to help Stas make the last of the most important steps to the cure!

  • 7 101,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Due to the difficulties during labor and late diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, little Yarina first few years of her life could not pick up or hold a toy in her hand, without mentioning that she could never move by herself. The mother did everything she could to save her daughter and the miracle happened! The girl slowly learned to walk by herself, even run, and support herself. Doctors say that if now to support the girl, then in a few years she would be able to sit behind a school's desk like other children! However, skipping the treatment threatens to return disorder. Because of constant looking after her daughter, the mother cannot work at all; but saving the child at the most important moment is just too expensive.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH till 14th of December for Yarina's rehabilitation and return her to the society as whole and healthy girl

  • 77 618,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    16-year old Masha Chernaya was born a helthy baby and was normally developing till a planned vaccination, after which she stopped reacting to everything around her and even people talking to her. Soon to the fear and the shock of the parents, she was diagnosed with hearing loss of 3-4th stage; the right year became completely deaf, while the left still operated on 40%. Then she had a hearing aid installed, from which she already grew out, which also is enough to hear only very short words or only the beginning of a word.; which is why she talk the same way without complete words. The girl's dream to get a new hearing aid device disappeared when her city became the place of war, her home was destroyed and she had move to Dnepropetrovsk. In the Fall Masha is going to the first grade, and without the ability to hear her development cannot be on the same level with her peers. Also the price of the device is too high for the refugee family to afford.

  • 7 101,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    The doctors did not see newborn Lybomir's serious difficulties of umbilical cord suffocation and sent him home as a healthy baby. However, at 6 months mother noticed that his right hand and leg fixed at an abnormal position and obviously were late in development. Finally, at 1 year of age the boy was diagnosed with born brain development defect. Constant home massages and rehabilitation courses helped the child to start crowling and even walking, yet holding things in his right hand was still impossible, and when he was trying to run, because of the problems in his right leg, legs entangle and he falls. Doctors say that Lybomir had high chances to get well, but without a regular rehabilitation it wouldn't happen. The recourses of the low-income family had drained completely.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH till 14th of October in order to provide 3-year old Lybomir with intensive rehabilitation, which will help to develop the "lagging" hand and leg

  • 17 546,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    12-year old Stas Subbota was growing up a happy and healthy lad. Six months ago his leg started hurting. Three (!) different doctors diagnosed it as a simple "sports injury", they scheduled paraffin applications and warming! The medication was not just not helping, but the boy was feeling worse: he started limping and problems with urinary system began. Only after an MRI in a Kiev neurosurgery institute, the diagnosis confirmed that he had malignant cancer in a late stage - Ewing's sarcoma of the pelvis. First chemotherapy was conducted in Turkey; now there is second round, after which the third, and all of them are extremely expensive for the family. There is no time to wait at all!

    Project's goal is to collect 17 438,46 UAH till the end of August and provide Stas with the mecications for another round of chemotherapy

  • 7 101,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    In a fatal 2003 year, a doctor's mistake lead to the fact that Sofia Alexeeva suffered from a suffocation by the umbilical cord and happened to be in a wheelchair with the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. However, her mother did not even think of giving up: she not only began active rehabilitation herself but also started an organization in Dnepropetrovsk that helps handicap children with similar problems. Today, 12 years later the girl can hold her head up, walk, eat with help and tries to talk in sentences. It is a huge development for such a difficult diagnosis! The doctors are sure that the day, when the girl will walk and learn how to take care of herself, is close; the most important is to not stop the rehabilitation.

    Project's goal is to collect 7101 UAH in order to send Sofia for the rehabilitation course from 27.07 to 8.08 at the Truskavets clinic

  • 7 101,5 UAH Projects is finished!

    4-year old Artem Vasyshkin was born premature and suffered from extreme anoxaemia that affected the brain. At 1 year of age, the diagnose of Cerebral Palsy was stated, after which started a line of painful procedures: IVS, eye surgeries, acupuncture, stretches...Thanks to all that the child started crawling, talking and stand at a stand. However, high blood pressure in his legs not only ruins his chance of keeping a balance and start walking but also brings great pain, seizures, depriving of sleep and rest. Without treatment, irreversible processes start developing in the body: changes in bones and ligaments that could leave the boy forever a cripple. Artem's family escaping the war at dear Gorlovka, lost everything: home, work and personal belongings; now they are refugees with no means to survive with two handicaped children (Artem's brother has a heart defect) live in Sumarska region.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH before November 2nd in order to send Artem to rehabilitation in Truscavec and save him from pain and crippled future

  • 11 676,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    6 years ago Vova Bormashev was saved by the doctors when he was born premature and suffered from severe oxygen deficiency. After that Vova was growing up a healthy and loving child, till a month ago a bump under his armpit was discovered, which turned out to be a malignant tumor. The boy needs urgent saving! Vova's family with a lot of children had hardly collected enough funds for the first round of chemotherapy; however, in August there is the second one, then the third; afther which there are rounds of radiotherapy in Kiev. Unfortunately, the family does not have enough funds left for the expensive medicine.

    Project's goal is to collect 11 675,1 UAH in order to give Vova a chance to continue to fight cancer.

  • 8 974,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    Alisa Buchkova was born only a few weeks ago with a serious pathology: esophageal atresia; it is when esophagus is not connected to the stomach, also the esophagus is so short that connect it to the organs is impossible even with the surgery. Such happened because on 20th week of pregnancy the mother got sick and transferred a bacteria into the womb. Now the esophagus needs to be clinically "stretched" and only then it can be attached. The lifesaving surgery is scheduled in September; however, now she needs to urgently gain weight and get stronger in order to survive the surgery. Every day the girl's life costs 500-600 UAH. All the possible resources had been emptied.

    The project's goal is to collect 8 974,4 UAH to purchase medications for Alisa in order to make sure that she lives till the day of operation and survives it.

  • 86 300,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Everyday Dnepropetrovsk regional children's cardio center saves kids with born heart defects. The most difficult patients are the ones with critical defects that are in need of help in their first hours of life! Especially dangerous is the defect of heart arrhythmia with lowered blood pressure. And then the only way to "start" the heart is to "tell" it the heart rhythm with the electrical cardio stimulator until the heart return to its own normal rhythm. Without this cardio stimulator ensure a safe surgery on a newborn heart is impossible! The one existing there stimular is the simplest one and can only send signals to heart sections one after one, which creates more arrhythmia for the heart functionality leading to more heart defects. Save these patients can only the double section stimulation.

    Project's goal is to collect 86 300 UAH to purchase the double section cardio stimulator "Reocor-D" that will secure thousands of surgeries on newborn's hearts.

  • 7 120,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    Health problems for Misha Boot started the moment he was born: a few hours doctors could not "take" the fetus out due to lack of labor. When he finally arrived, at the hospital there wasn't even an oxygen mask in order to help the boy with severe suffocation. At 9 months old Misha was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy! At his age of 11 he moves only on his knees with someone’s support, which is why his mother carries him all the time.The rehabilitation courses that not a wealthy family could effort, helped Misha to control his hands: to hold things, draw and help himself. Stopping the courses could lead to the loss of all possible results reached over the year.

    Project's goal is to collect 7 101 UAH before August 24, in order to send Misha for the effective rehabilitation to the city of Truskavec, to make sure the boy does not live a handicap life!

  • 5 937,2 UAH Projects is finished!

    Ukrainian city Rubezgnoe in Lugansk region happened to be in the “buffer zone”, only 30 km from the active war zone. A load of refugees with children created a difficult situation: 7100 officially registered refugees, and 1200 of them are children. 8 functioning kindergartens filled with the youngest kids; however, due to the lack of education in the ATO zone they do not even have simple school materials. The founders of the special project “Happy family” created a special educational book for the little children that has 400 A5 pages filled with over 600 best fairy tales from around the world. This way one little book takes place of a whole children’s library (see photo in “Documentation”)

    Project’s goal is to collect 20 000 UAH in order to purchase 80 such boos for all the kindergartens in the city Rubezgnoe; since the key to a successful child’s development is the right books.

  • 8 017,9 UAH Projects is finished!

    The parents of this 6 years boy waited that their son will be born absolutely healthy. The pregnancy was successful, the paradynia began in time. The U\S checking recommended the cesarean operation because of the big child’s weight, but the doctors ignored that. In the result Ilya stuck in the parturient canal, got strong anoxia and the intoxication of the whole body by meconium. The doctors predicted only 10% of the child’s survive. But Ilya began to breath and since then Ilya’s parents fight for his health. Most of the convalescent center didn’t want to help Ilya because of the complicated diagnosis- cerebral palsy. But the parents of Ilya didn’t want to give up. The first good results Ilya showed after the rehabilitation in the clinic of prof.Kozyavkin. Ilya began to grabble, stand up by himself and stay near the support. Today there are only a few steps from Ilya’s dream- to go! But the family during the long period of the rehabilitation is all out of finances.

    The aim of this project is to collect 8017, 25 UAH to send Ilya till 10 august to the rehabilitation in the clinic of Prof. Kozyavkin, which will help him to go.

  • 4 198,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Orphans on the photos on the big heart are looking for parents. In order to help them with this, we placed these hearts in all the malls of Dnepropetrovsk, also you can see it here: . All the kids are the pupils of the two Krivorogsk’s children orphanages; many of the kids have serious mental and physical disabilities. Many can only move only with help and must be carried. A special bouncing trampoline will help to a little ease their living in the orphanages and help train vestibular apparatus and improving coordination, which are main problems for children; moreover, they need 2 water heaters, for children need to bathe everyday as well as have their clothes washed, but the current machines cannot handle such.

    Project’s goal is to collect 9 499 UAH in order to purchase 1 trampoline for the kinds and two water heaters

  • 6 929,1 UAH Projects is finished!

    Artem - a long-awaited first born in Kovyazinu Family. He was born on 15th of May premature weighing only 1600 g. An intrauterine infection had lead to "plug" in the gut that was not letting the food go through the system and out. The stomach had bloated and help Artem could only a surgery, which would be possible only when the boy gains a little weight; till then he needs very expensive intravenous feeding and antibiotics. The Parents are doing absolutely everything to save their only child, but their finances are almost gone.Our support can save this tiny life!

    Project's goal is to collect 6928.16 UAH in order to provide Artem with intravenous feeding, antibiotics and a system for inserting medicine into the child's body, which will let him survive

  • 25 мая 2015

    3 297,0 UAH Projects is finished!

  • Sixth-months-old Sasha want to survive!


    19 апреля 2015

    6 721,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Little Sasha Serdyk - fifth child in his family. The mother's pregnancy all four times went without any problems, all children been born healthy. The fifth pregnancy also started well; however, on the 28th week a blood loss started and they had to perform a cesarean section. The boy was born at a half term weighing a little over a kilo. Unfortunately, due to being premature, intestine and lungs were not fully developed. Which is why right now Sasha is surviving only because of connected Artificial Ventilation Machine and constant intravenous feeding, while his mother is still in the hospital in a difficult state and cannot help her son.

    Project's goal is to collect 6 446,46 UAH in order to purchase an emergency medication list to help him survive and get stronger

  • 14 098,4 UAH Projects is finished!

    At a Dnepropetrovsk children’s orphanage on 167 Chicherena Street, there are 100 kids; 24 of them are orphans with severe mental disability, physical limitations and other syndromes. They cannot leave their beds without someone’s help and thus do not move by themselves. These children very often get pneumonia, which due to kids’ very weak immune system leads to fatalities. A good expensive vaccination “Prevenar 13” can save the guys’ lives. The price of each is 1374 UAH. The kids have no parents to care for them. Government does not give money for such things.

    The project’s goal is to collect 13 733.66 UAH in order to purchase 10 ampules for the orphans at the 4th above mentioned orphanage.

  • 6 902,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Melani’s mother’s pregnancy went smoothly; however, about 10 days before the labor, the water started slowly breaking. The doctor did not pay much attention to it, which lead to the child’s lack of oxygen while being constantly suffocated by the umbilical cord. Then the emergency room, pathology department and finally the diagnose Cerebral Palsy. The girl could talk or even walk by herself. Her mother did not give up and started actively fighting for her daughter’s health: taking the girl to all sorts of different rehabilitation courses all over the country. The girl’s condition was getting better and slowly she learned how to sit, hold objects in her hands, and walk with someone’s help. The doctors assure that if the treatment continues, then the girl has a chance to start talking and walking by herself. However, the rehabilitation is effective only at a very young age, while the body was not yet developed and can be changed. Now Melani is 7 years old. The next course at the rehabilitation clinic of Kozavkin at Truskavets had been scheduled for the 20th of April, yet this time the single mother is not able to pay for it herself. That is why if we do not have the family to collect the money, the treatment will not happen and the precious time would be lost.

    The project’s goal is to collect 6 900.50 UAH to pay for the rehabilitation for MelaniPivovar.

  • Irisha will beat blood cancer with our help!


    2 апреля 2015

    24 054,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    Irisha Zyb was born August 11, 2009 without any difficulties to a loving family. At the age four from time to time big blood clots would be appearing on the girl’s body. With every passing day, the child would seem to fade away right in front of your eyes, while still staying active and happy. Which is why the announced diagnose of acute lymphoblastic leukemia or blood cancer, was taken like a thunderstorm on a sunny day. Currently, Irisha successfully went through a course of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, after the diagnosis of the bone marrow, they girl was considered at high risk of a relapse. So now she is going through high dosage chemo drugs. Without proper treatment leukemia leads to death within months and even weeks. Fortunately, modern therapy treatments lead to very good results; over 80% of child patients are cured. Government support can only provide for only a part of needed medications. The needed drugs such as “Vifed”, “Aveloks”, “Zivoks” etc., are very pricy and come up to the sum higher than 20 thousand UAH, and the family cannot support all that.

    The project’s goal is to collect 24 054 UAH in order to provide Irisha with a chance to go through this chemo course, which will save her life.

  • 5 909,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Karina and SneganaLevinsky are twin sisters, who were born at 7 months of pregnancy in October 2004. Prematurity of their birth lead to complications such as the lack of functions in the first 10 days including the “breathing” function. After the intense therapy it seemed to be better; however, 6 months later after planned vaccinations, the girls lost all the activity. They stopped crawling by themselves, stopped sitting and became almost like plush toys. Soon a scary diagnose was announced: “Cerebral Palsy.” Fortunately, the disease did not affect their brain abilities, just their physical ones. At 10 years of age the girls still cannot walk without help. The sisters’ biggest dream is to defeat the disease and walk to school by themselves. The doctors give high chances of full recovery if only with the help of a non-stop rehabilitation. The next therapy course at the rehabilitation clinic of Kozyavkin is scheduled for May 4th. Unfortunately, the girls are being raised by a single mother. The family is being supported only by a handicapped pension and social security help. They do not have the ability to afford the 11 835 UAH therapy.

    The project’s goal is to collect 11 835 UAH before May 4th in order to pay for the Twins’ rehabilitation course at the clinic in Truskavets, which will make the girls’ dream to walk to reality.

  • 20 002,7 UAH Projects is finished!

    Help to a kid in need – is not sacrifice, not an achievement, but a bridge building from poverty and hopelessness to a full life. Easter is a time for miracles that the least protected children of our city really need; these are the handicap kids from the educational rehabilitation center number 1. They were transferred from the ATO zone region to the sanatorium number 2 of Dnepropetrovsk, while their parents were left in the war zone. We are inviting you to join forces in order to give these kids unforgettable memories for Easter. On April 13th there is going to be a scientifically educational show “School of science miracles” at the Dnepropetrovsk Circus. The children would get a chance to see the most interesting and exciting chemistry and physics experiments, during which objects would be flying in the air, crystals growing, oatmeal cooking; different experiments with the liquid nitrogen are going to take place along with dry ice and giant smoke circles. With such simple and entertaining experiments children can grow interest for learning. Let’s not be indifferent, Easter coming – time to do good deeds!

    Project’s goal is to collect 20 thousand UAH before April 10 in order to give these children an unforgettable holiday.

  • Let’s stop the epilepsy outbreaks of a Ukrainian hero’s daughter!


    23 марта 2015

    12 990,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    Kamille Shishkina was born in July 2007 after 33rd week of pregnancy. The doctors said that there was only 40% chance of her surviving. Miracle happened; however, at the age of one she was diagnosed with sight atrophy and could only see 10-15% of the world. At the age of 4 on one of the warm summer days, she fell to the floor in the middle of the room and had an epilepsy episode. It was established that the episodes were due to the arachnoid cysts in the right brain side. There is a chance that the cyst will go away during puberty. But until then the epilepsy episodes have to be constantly blocked; for every one of them is heavy on the heart, liver, brain, that could slow down the child’s development. Medicine “Vimpat” is needed for proper treatment of the episodes, but its price is about 650 UAH per pack, while every month it takes two of them. Kamille’s father volunteered to go to the ATO zone to protect our country in the “Right Sector”.

    Project’s goal is to collect 12 990 UAH in order to purchase 20 “Vimpat” packs that will last Kamille for 10 months.

  • 9 456,6 UAH Projects is finished!

    It is not a secret that our soldiers are staying on the front line at the ATO Zone even though there was the “truth.” The troops that are situated farther from the main action were “luckier”, they were placed at a base where there is at least a roof and sometimes electricity. But the soldiers of the 93rd special mechanized brigade are right on the front line and live in trenches. The only way for them to heat food or recharge batteries on their wocky tocky or their phone is to use a power generator. However, over the winter even those generators got over used and do not work now. The support center for the troops is not working all that well to provide, thus the hope of help again falls to us.

    The project’s goal is to collect 9 260 UAH in order to buy a diesel “Kentavr” generator with 5,5 kW power for the 93rd brigade.

  • 14 486,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Vladik Bogomazov was born Septemeber 12th 2009 in the Kharkov region. Mother’s labor went normally; however, it was discovered that the boy’s intestine isn’t producing poop, and there had to be a surgery. In 10 days there was announced a diagnosis: “The boy was suffering from a gene mutation def 508.” His lunges were infected with incurable disease: lungs constantly get filled with mucus, which makes it almost impossible to breathe. The family’s life now had only one purpose, to not the boy die without an expensive drug. A monthly dosage of drugs includes: “Pulmozim”, “Ursolfalk”, “Nazoneks”, and similar medications with the sum of 14 580 UAH! The boy’s mother’s salary is 1650, plus the boy gets 950 as a part of handicap pension; his father isn’t working, since he is constantly looking after him because there is no one else in the family. When the medication stops for a longer period, Vladik starts to choke!

    Project’s goal is to collect 14 486 UAH in order to provide the child with medications that will allow Vladik to freely breathe and live.

  • 7 255,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    Sofiya was born two years ago in Lisichansk city of Lugansk region on the 35th week of pregnancy. In order to save the girls life, the doctors had to perform the c section and the CPR. The fight for the girl’s life at the hospital took 2 weeks and life won! Unfortunately, the problems were not over yet, and at 1 years old she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, delay in speech and psychomotor development, and congenital dislocation of the hip joint. The chance of getting better was only by undergoing constant courses of rehabilitation therapy at a clinic in the city of Truskovec. However, after Lisichansk city became a part of the ATO zone, the chances of getting the free hospitalization disappeared. The family had even limited resources to get food. While the girl’s body is still under developmental process, the rehabilitation courses are crucial otherwise the chance would be lost. That is why we, with your help, are the only hope.
    The project’s goal is to collect 7 255 UAH to pay for the Sofiya’s rehabilitation courses by the professor Kozyavkin’s method at “Elit” center in Lviv.

  • The War-ravaged Hospital Is Asking For Help!


    4 марта 2015

    100 000,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    In the photo you can see the ambulance blown up by terrorists near the destroyed hospital №1 of Schastia town (Happiness), Luhansk region. Through the help of the DobroDіy Charity Exchange they can have electricity, heat and the possibility to conduct operations for the wounded Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, who got under fire. The hospital was subject to destruction, but it has been slowly recovering now. The citizens have started returning to the city. However, unfortunately, the only remaining hospital in the town has faced a very serious problem: it lacks one of the most important equipment – a blood analyzer. At the peri-urban areas they do not have this aquipment too. The currently working biochemical laboratory remains on the territory, controlled by the terrorists and Russian forces in Lugansk. Despite the declared "truce" , the hospital continues to receive local civilians and their children, wounded in the fire, and the wounded Ukrainian soldiers, who continue to keep the town Ukrainian. Successful outcomes of the operations would hardly be possible without early and qualitative analysis of the blood, and hence the further recoveries could not be optimistic.

    The aim of DobroDiy is to collect 100.000,00 UAH for the purchase of hematology analyzer of blood electrolytes for Hospital №1 of the town Schasia (Happiness).

  • Let’s stop 6-year old Margo’s arthritis pain!


    4 марта 2015

    7 366,3 UAH Projects is finished!

    Margareta Kirgis was born a healthy child. However, at 7 months, the girl got seriously sick. Her condition was worsening, when finally the doctors diagnosed her with a severe arthritis that children get and without proper care, the child can become handicapped for life. Now Margo is 6 years old and she loves to dance and play; but her limb joints start aching from heavy activity. Unfortunately, arthritis cannot be completely cured; but to stop the pain and the spread of the condition will help an expensive drug called “Metodjact”; each pack costs 740 UAH, and each month takes 5 packs. Margareta’s mother is a nurse and father is a security guard, which is why it is hard to find the means to continue the treatment.

    Project’s mission is to collect 7 356,03 UAH in order to provide a two-months coarse of “Metodjact” medication.

  • Veronica’s only dream is to walk!


    2 марта 2015

    11 999,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    8-year old Veronica was born perfectly at the due date, yet prolonged labor lead to “pneumonia.” Then months of intense care with little chances for life. Luckily, the girl was strong and survived. The girl was taken home, and it seemed like the danger was left behind. However, the traditional planned vaccinations lead to weakening of the immune system and the girl was unable to be sitting down; and soon after she has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. During the 8 years of her life, Veronica went through countless rehabilitation courses, yet still she couldn’t walk by herself. She can crawl and walk with support only about 10-15 steps. Now Veronica is in the second grade, and her only chance to walk is to constantly and continuously exercise on a special treadmill; its cost is 11 999 UAH, but the family already drained their money resources on the medications and rehabilitation courses. It would take a long time to save up for that kind of sum, while every day without this training lowers her ability to start walking.

    The project’s goal is to collect 11 999 UAH for the purchase of the treadmill “TORNEO INITA T-150” for Veronica Gubich. Every day exercises on which will make her dream of walking, dancing, running and riding a bike with friends come true.

  • Completed on 100%

    Charity “DobroDiy” has been inlvolved with school 5 of Dmitrov, Donetsk region, more than once; it had the fate of becoming the refugee territory for a lot of children from the ATO zone, which appears to be the only school available in the region. Unfortunately, the amount of the refugees from the nearby cities is increasing everyday due to the hardening conditions of the war actions. School 5 is asking Charity “DobroDiy” for help in acquiring objects that are simple necessity products for life and the students. The project’s mission is to collect linen sheet, personal hygiene, produce, and children’s clothes for the Dmitrov School. You can support the project by acquiring any products from the list, mentioned in the official letter from the school in the Documentation section.

    The help is received at the Charity “DobroDiy”’s office at the address: 11 Brigdnaya St.

  • 23 800,8 UAH Projects is finished!

    Even thought there was a co called ‘truth’, our soldiers are still dying. After taking most of the Ukrainian troops from the war zone due to the ‘peace’, a special 43rd battalion of Dnepropetrovsk guys had been left behind without any protection very close to the ‘hot’ zone. The most dangerous time for time for our boys is at night, when they cannot see an enemy coming without special equipment. Because the price of the night vision equipment is so high, there is a huge deficit of it. Price of one “Pulsar 3” night vision equipment is about 23 800 UAH. 43rd battalion asked our Charity to help collect the funds for such equipment.

    The project’s goal is to collect 26 000 UAH in order to purchase one night vision equipment that will save our guys’ lives.

  • 50 000,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    The Charity Stock Exchange DobroDіy has been applied by Dniepropetrovs’k City Children's Hospital №6, which provides emergency assistance to orphans and children deprived of parental care and Hiv-positive children. Due to the difficult economic situation in the country in recent years the hospital has been funded very poorly. Now it became almost impossible to conduct quality analyses and researches in the laborotory. In particular the hospital urgently needs some laboratory equipment, such as a centrifuge to separate liquids and solids, a reagent module to determine blood gas and electrolytes. The success of treatment and even the life of every child depends on efficiency and quality of the data obtained in the laboratory.

    We still need to collect 50.000,00 UAH to ensure the hospital a possibility to have the laboratory with proper equipment, able to provide the needed efficient data for analyses.

    The request itself, which was got from the head of the hospital, can be found in Documentation.

  • “There cannot be no one’s parents” (second phase)


    13 февраля 2015

    55 800,0 UAH Projects is finished!

    In their past those 45 veterans of the Second World war and Labour of Dnipropetrovs’k region won the victory against fascist invaders, , and it took from them a lot of time and tremendous efforts to revive the city in the after war period. And today, in the age from 84 to 92 years, they stand on the brink of survival. Their beggarly pension (from 1000 to 1200 UAH per month), poor health and solitary lifestyle neither can provide their living wages, nor allow them to care of themselves.

    Recently we have got a letter at our Dobrodiy Charity Exchange from the Charity Fund “Veterans” with the “cry” for help.

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