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In the midst of wartime, the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy” continues to support the Armed Forces thanks to the regular partners and loyal friends.

We do not stop delivering aid to the front. We know that only by continuing to work for victory and uniting, we’ll be able to get rid of the occupiers!

This time 3 more military units received help.

Among other things, we conveyed:

- 4 DALI S243W thermal imagers;

- military equipment in the range.

This dry report is nothing compared to the photos of the fighters with the vanguard and the gratitude they express. And that's why we are happy to share this content with you!

In order to continue providing Ukrainian guardian angels with effective tools and equipment, we encourage you to join the fundraiser via the link:

We share good news about Vadym Yatsenko!

11-річний підопічний Біржі Благодійності «ДоброДій» отримав довгоочікуваний ортез!

We continue to report on the course of rehabilitation classes of our wards

Currently, 5 children with severe diagnoses are on rehabilitation courses.

​The new working week for the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy” began with positive news.

Our little ward Tymofiy Tkachuk finally received special food mixtures, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the boy's...

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