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17-річна Марина Губа отримала надпотужні сучасні слухові апарати!

Dear friends! We are in a hurry to share great news! 17-year-old Marina Guba received ultra-powerful modern hearing aids!

The girl was born with a difficult diagnosis — perinatal hypoxic-traumatic damage to the central nervous system. As a result of congenital pathologies, she developed hearing problems. In April 2015, during another examination, doctors discovered hearing loss.

Marina practically did not hear. She could not fully communicate with her peers. She had to reask constantly. Because of this, she was withdrawn, did not communicate much, and spent most of her time at home at the computer.

To ensure auditory development and social adaptation, Marina was prescribed binaural prosthetics with Oticоn hearing aids. In 2016, the long-awaited devices were installed.Since then, the child's life has changed radically: Maryna's speech has improved, she has become better at studying, and has become more open in communication.

But after 7 years, the hearing aids started to fail. And the mother, raising her daughter alone, could not buy expensive hearing aids. In addition, due to constant shelling of the city by russian troops, the family was forced to leave their native home in Nikopol.

Together, we raised the necessary sum of money and purchased hearing aids for Marina! This became possible thanks to the support of relatives and friends of the family, and partners of the Charity Exchange.

Now the girl's life will not sink into silence! Marina will be able to develop, study, communicate with friends and enjoy life!

Children with difficult diagnoses are one step closer to a healthy future!

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