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This day all over the world is designed to remind of the need to provide citizens with affordable and high-quality medical care. This initiative is important for the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy”, because it is directly related to one of the priority areas of our activity.

In the current conditions, our state cannot fully meet all the needs of medical institutions, which is why charitable organizations often come to the rescue. Despite the fact that during the war, the "line" of charitable initiatives of the Exchange had to be significantly expanded, the support of hospitals remains at the top of the priority tasks.

Among the most significant charity cases in support of Regional Medical Center of Family Health, which we managed to implement in 2023, are the next:

  • Repairment of the traumatological and operating room for the subsequent installation of a mobile digital operating X-ray machine of the C-arc type Carmex RK;
  • Connection to the oxygen supply system to hospital departments;
  • Repairment of the ventilation system and premises of the pathology department.

We continue to follow a systemic approach to helping healthcare institutions, which is why we invest our efforts in covering gaps, not duplicating public procurement! We urge you to support the permanent fundraising for the support of basic hospitals, which heroically hold the front of medical care in Ukraine:

Every contribution today is a chance to save a Ukrainian life, and therefore - to give hope for the speedy revival of Ukraine! We are grateful to everyone who cares for support and we believe in our joint Victory!

Children with difficult diagnoses are one step closer to a healthy future!

The last month of spring is in its full swing, and meanwhile 9 young wards of the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy”...

7-year-old Volodya Samofal received "Cerebrokurin"

The child has already started another course of treatment, so very soon he will delight his mother with new skills...


Thanks to regular support and fruitful cooperation with partners, the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" even now, in the most difficult times...

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