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Every year on January 24, the International Day of Education is celebrated, aimed at emphasizing its crucial role for the development of a healthy society, scientific and technological progress, cultural diplomacy and the perspective of international cooperation of educators around the world for the sake of peace.

Today we remind about the expediency of one of the areas of activity of the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" - the support of educational initiatives. In the years of trials, when Ukrainian educational institutions become the targets of the russian terrorist regime, support for educators and those who are getting an education is more timely than ever.

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are the foundation of a promising future. Providing additional opportunities to the young generation, which strives to change for the better and build up its country, is the duty of a socially responsible business that is successfully operating in Ukraine today.

Sharing this opinion, Olena Sosyedka, co-founder of Concord Fintech Solutions, the first fintech ecosystem in Ukraine, launched an educational program for the Dnipro Lyceum of Information Technologies. Several initiatives have already been implemented within the framework of this multi-layered project. Including:

  • Special award named after Serhiy Stolbtsov, a teacher who heroically died defending Ukraine:

Cash prizes in the amount of UAH 2,500 to UAH 3,700 were awarded to the 38 best students, who became winners and prize-winners of the All-Ukrainian and regional Olympiads and the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences competition in various school disciplines, as well as 35 teachers who had the greatest professional success during the academic year.

  • A grant competition was held for graduates:

3 winners out of more than 100 graduates were determined through a grant competition, and received individual grants equivalent to UAH 50,000 to pay for further education.

Social initiatives that we actively took part in various formats, acting as co-organizers or partners, also were not left out of the attention of the Exchange in 2023. Among other:

  • Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" supported the "For Kids UA" social project and financed the purchase of materials for art therapy classes at the "Warm Palms" camp. This is a 10-day field intensive of art therapy classes for children affected by the war at the "Integration Center of Zamlinnia" in Volyn region.
  • We also organized a holiday for young patients of the Regional Medical Center for Family Health, some of whom require regular transfusions of blood components. This event was dedicated to World Blood Donor Day and the start of the information campaign, which was designed to popularize the donor movement, in Dnipro.

The Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" is a multidisciplinary organization. On our official website, every benefactor can find a relevant charitable project and support it with a donation. Together we are capable of more!

Children with difficult diagnoses are one step closer to a healthy future!

The last month of spring is in its full swing, and meanwhile 9 young wards of the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy”...

7-year-old Volodya Samofal received "Cerebrokurin"

The child has already started another course of treatment, so very soon he will delight his mother with new skills...


Thanks to regular support and fruitful cooperation with partners, the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" even now, in the most difficult times...

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