In a year with your help we collected 2 529 138,69 UAH!

30 декабря 2016

Friends, in the 2016th year along with you we collected 2 529 138 UAH!


Just see, how each of your "cup of coffee" left on in the ending year, CHANGED THIS WORLD FOR THE BETTER!



These funds allowed us to realize 134 projects helping kids with leukosis, oncology, Cerebral Palsy and other development defects.

The year for us began with a happy event. In February we received a grant from Japan for the payment of the endoscopic equipment for the regional hospital. On the Valentine's eve for the first time in Dnepr we help a first tea party for the celebrities for the support of the children with oncology diseases. One of the patients at the children's oncology department, 12-year-old Lisa Burenko, received the help from this tea party and defeated the Hodgkin's lymphoma, went into remission and in March was discharged from the hospital.



The Spring we met with a colorful concert of young musicians in support of "Ukrainian Mozart" 15-year-old Artem Shevchenko, who was going to go to Milan to participate in the international contest of young pianists. With our help Artem not just went to the contest "Piano Talents Competition", but also too the 1st place!


In April along with the running club DneprRun we held a charity run, where collected 20 000 UAH, and purchased breathing circuits, without which rehabilitation of little patients in children's cordialogy is impossible.

During the last day of spring we suprised the city with a charity art auction "Art for you, Life for kids", collecting 201 180 UAH. 8 children with leukosis recieved medicine for those money.


In the summer we danced at the Charity Festival "Pospelov-Fest", and collected 12 000 UAH in order for 16-year-old orphan Sasha Yavornotskiy defeated lymphoma. 

In the fall together with a clothes designer Natali Muzychenko, we organized a Charity fashion show and luxury sale, and for the collected 50 thousand UAH purchased high precision catheters for the tiny patients of the mother and child center named M. Rudneva.

We ended the year with the "City of Good Deeds" that was organized along with CF "Kiddo"; we were tasting sweets, drinking coffee and making Christmas ornaments. Our fun collected 100 802 UAH for purchasing the equipment for 6th children's hospital's emergency room.


Every "cup of coffee", which you gave up to support the sick little patients of our Charity, saved someone's son or daughter, who in the future will make our country better and kinder.



And thanks to the unbelievable team of "DobroDiy" - Olga Rudenko, Daria Shevchenko, Vlada Mikolyuk, our patient programmer Alexander Drozdenko, text translator to english Dasha Omelchenko, our helper Olga Artamonova, and our wise founders Elena Sosyedka and Yulia Sosedka