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Refugee children from Donetsk region are pleading for clothes, hygiene products, and school supplies


24 февраля 2015

Completed on 100 %

Charity “DobroDiy” has been inlvolved with school 5 of Dmitrov, Donetsk region, more than once; it had the fate of becoming the refugee territory for a lot of children from the ATO zone, which appears to be the only school available in the region. Unfortunately, the amount of the refugees from the nearby cities is increasing everyday due to the hardening conditions of the war actions. School 5 is asking Charity “DobroDiy” for help in acquiring objects that are simple necessity products for life and the students. The project’s mission is to collect linen sheet, personal hygiene, produce, and children’s clothes for the Dmitrov School. You can support the project by acquiring any products from the list, mentioned in the official letter from the school in the Documentation section.

The help is received at the Charity “DobroDiy”’s office at the address: 11 Brigdnaya St.

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  • Биржа благотворительности «ДоброДій» 2015-03-30 12:00:53

    Виктория Любименко поддержала проект 12-ю кг детских вещей и обувью

  • Биржа благотворительности «ДоброДій» 2015-02-27 14:57:08

    Истомина Елена поддержала проект продуктами на 1000 грн

  • Биржа благотворительности «ДоброДій» 0000-00-00 00:00:00

    Соболевский Сергей поддержал проект взрослыми вещами

  • Елена Истомина 2015-02-27 17:17:25

    Supported a project 1000 UAH

продукты от Елены Истоминой
продукты от Елены Истоминой
запрос от школы №5 г. Димитров
запрос от школы №5 г. Димитров
This is not a financial project.
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