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It is difficult to realize that more than 8 months have passed since the full-scale invasion of the russian occupation forces into Ukraine. But Ukraine will definitely stand up thanks to the Armed Forces!

One of the main missions of the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" today is to continue to comprehensively support Ukrainian defenders. Together with our partners, we are doing everything possible to bring Ukrainian Victory closer!

Along with this, we don’t stop working in the directions that have been a priority throughout the existence of the Exchange. These are support for children with difficult diagnoses and basic medical institutions. In this post, we summarize the results of the work for the last 8 months and for October in particular.

From the end of February to October 31, thanks to the joint efforts of all partners, we provided assistance that is estimated at 70.9 million UAH! Namely, we helped:

  • Amed Forces - by UAH 51.2 million
  • medical facilities - by UAH 4.7 million
  • seriously ill children - by UAH 2.4 million
  • provided humanitarian aid with a total cost of UAH 12.6 million.

During October, with the support of Concord Bank, Concord Fintech Solutions and other partners of the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy", we provided assistance estimated at UAH 4 million!

  • Armed Forces - by UAH 3 million

Details about reports and transfers to the various military units can be found using the hashtag #доброЗСУ

  • - basic hospitals - UAH 500,000.

In particular, support was provided to the Regional Medical Center for Family Health - in the form of medicines and consumables for prompt treatment of urgent patients and payment for urgent repairs of the premises; as well as the Association of Ambulatory Medicine - in the form of covering the costs of BPR certification of doctors and payment of transportation of humanitarian aid for medical institutions.

  • In August, we helped 22 children: we bought medicines, valuable consumables, paid for important laboratory tests and rehabilitation courses for a total of UAH 500,000.

In particular, we managed to purchase a set of implants of the Socore system for transpedicular correction and stabilization of the spine with a total cost of UAH 141,400 for 15-year-old Dmytro Horyachev ( Dmytro's diagnosis is progressive Scheuermann-Mau disease. The teenager needed urgent surgical intervention. And the suggery, that was managed on November 3, was successful.

We are grateful for the partners of the Exchange! Together we are able to unite into an invincible force that supports Ukraine both at the front and in the rear!


On 20 June we received this award at a ceremony honouring the best philanthropists of Ukraine.

Many children continue to overcome the consequences of their illnesses

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World Blood Donor Day, celebrated on 14 June, is another opportunity to remind people of the importance of donating blood.

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