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Many pathetic generalizing words can be heard from various contributors and speakers about the fact that charity has become a norm of life for Ukrainians. It is really hard to argue with this, at least in terms of statistics, as far as ordinary Ukrainians, turning on the instinct of self-preservation to the fullest during the great war, became extremely active benefactors. Daily, weekly or monthly donations have entered the list of routine tasks and have become a habit for almost every Ukrainian family.

But what is charity in Ukraine today? The call of the heart? A useful ritual? Or is it that way of thinking, when a person begins to serve not his private interests in the first place, but also to understand the importance of crowdfunding of projects important to society. We, as professional charity managers, hope that over time it is the last option that will prevail among the root causes of involvement of Ukrainians in philanthropy. And after the Ukrainian victory, the habit of doing good will take root even more in the minds of Ukrainians and will become a distinctive feature of our nation.

Every day we do our best to strengthen the Ukrainian defenders at the front, in order to create a strong, reliable rear. And we also do not stop our main directions of work for a moment — helping seriously ill children and supporting basic medical institutions. We would not have been able to do it without the support of our loyal partners and friends, including each of you. So, on the International Day of Charity, we thank everyone who joins our charity initiatives!

Every donation to support good causes in Ukraine, regardless of size, is important and valuable! Thanks to technology, it's very easy to get involved in charity today! Make charity your useful and pleasant habit! Support the projects of the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy” via the link:


On 20 June we received this award at a ceremony honouring the best philanthropists of Ukraine.

Many children continue to overcome the consequences of their illnesses

We at the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" sincerely hope that this summer will be a season of achievements and development for...


World Blood Donor Day, celebrated on 14 June, is another opportunity to remind people of the importance of donating blood.

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