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The year 2023 became a grueling marathon and a test of endurance for Ukraine. The same can be said about the Charity Exchange "Dobrodiy", because during the past year we had to run a long distance with numerous obstacles. Nevertheless, we still have positive results of our activities and will gladly share them with you in our next posts and articles.

Of course, we would not be able to cope with most of the tasks and challenges without the support and participation of our partners, friendly socially responsible Ukrainian businesses, donors - ordinary caring people who are not devoid of true empathy and the desire to help their fellow citizens. Thank you for trust, reliability, synergy in aspirations, a point of support!

Since its foundation, the Exchange has been trying to implement a culture of charity in Ukraine. Previous years have shown that for many, charity has already become the norm, and not a spontaneous decision. We would like this trend to have a logical continuation, development and become more thorough in the new year. Our colleagues from the Zagoriy Foundation have compiled a list of the main reasons to finally switch to the side of Good. Let's share!

1. Networking

Involvement in a charitable project or initiative automatically means entry and initiation into a certain circle of people with common interests. Everyone who unites with someone around a good cause receives profit in the form of new acquaintances, useful work contacts, a renewed circle of communication, potential customers or partners.

2. Feeling of security

The study "Charity through the eyes of Ukrainians" shows that in 2021, 51% of Ukrainian philanthropists helped others due to the awareness that they themselves might be in trouble tomorrow. When we get involved in good causes, we help build an ecosystem of charity. Beneficiaries and society as a whole will benefit from this.

3. A plus to the mood

Psychologists and scientists say that good deeds help us feel better. However, it is very important to avoid the so-called toxic kindness - things that we do not for someone else's benefit, but to please our own ego and satisfy the need for approval.

4. Unveiling potential

Helping with time or talents is also a good thing. Volunteer activity allows you to try yourself in a certain area that has always attracted you, and providing professional services free of charge gives you the opportunity to systematize your own knowledge before sharing it with others.

5. Attractive resume

Some companies also pay attention to the social activities of the applicant. Let us emphasize that charity is helping others without seeking profit. That is, it is hardly worth engaging in charity and volunteering simply to make your resume more attractive. But if you have such experience, do not forget to mention it in your CV.

6. New knowledge and skills

Being able to learn is one of the most important qualities of a modern person. As a rule, before making a contribution to a charity fund, you need to conduct your own mini-research: check the organization for transparency, analyze the effectiveness of its activities. And this is not an unnecessary skill at all, considering the latest reality.

7. Priceless experience

It often turns out that without expecting anything in return for a favor or help, you can get something that is difficult to measure with money - namely, an experience that will always stay with you. And this is probably one of the most pleasant paradoxes in the world of good deeds.

The Charity Exchange “DobroDiy” is always ready to act as an instrument of your Good Deeds, guaranteeing full transparency at all stages of project implementation. With us, you can be sure that 100% of the funds will go to help those in need!

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