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We have officially said goodbye to 2023, turned the calendar over, and are ready to face the challenges of the year of the dragon. After analyzing the activities of the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" for the past year, we came to the conclusion that we worked to exhaustion, but the results justified themselves.

Of course, if we take into account only dry statistics, our working year 2023, in comparison with the previous year, showed much more modest numbers. For various reasons, our donors have decreased, and the amount of the average charitable contribution has also decreased.

However, it was a year of tireless work and permanent crisis management. And you remember that real diamonds are formed only under intense pressure. Therefore, every Ukrainian hryvnia from the fund last year was implemented to help the needy and good causes. In 2023, the following received assistance in various formats:

  • Defense Forces of Ukraine — for UAH 29,600,000.
  • basic medical facilities — for UAH 2,600,000.
  • seriously ill children — for UAH 5,500,000.
  • recipients of humanitarian aid — for UAH 700,000.
  • educational and social initiatives — for UAH 430,000.

These are just numbers, but behind them are hundreds of successfully implemented cases, which is why during January we will publish detailed reports on each of the areas of work once a week. You can follow them using the hashtag #звітДобра2023

Against the background of the terribly stressful first days of 2024 in Ukraine, we realize that there will be a lot of work this year. So we need your support more than ever. You can join current charitable fundraising projects by following the link:

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