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Spring is in its full swing. Meanwhile, the rehabilitation classes of several wards of the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" are only gaining momentum. Children with difficult diagnoses stubbornly and diligently acquire new skills at health courses.

Classes with specialists relieve painful spasticity, improve coordination of movements, fine motor skills, a sense of the boundaries of one's own body, and cognitive skills of children and adolescents. Details about how classes are held are in the photo report.

Three young patients started their rehabilitation courses last week. They are:

  • 2-year-old Bohdana Motroy, who has cerebral palsy and a delay in psycho-speech development, works on new skills at the "Bobat Center";

  • 11-year-old Markiyan Smerechansky with a genetic diagnosis and spastic tetraparesis works at the Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic;

  • 3-year-old Daniil Trutaev with hypoplasia of the corpus callosum and syndrome of tone disorders is taking corrective classes at the "Rostok Zhittya" hypocenter.

We are glad that, with your support, we were able to help children get to the planned curing courses with specialists, which they needed so much. Most young patients need such classes on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, many of our other young wards with serious diagnoses are just now waiting for support and help. We invite everyone who cares to contribute to saving the young generation of Ukrainians by following the link —

Children with difficult diagnoses are one step closer to a healthy future!

The last month of spring is in its full swing, and meanwhile 9 young wards of the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy”...

7-year-old Volodya Samofal received "Cerebrokurin"

The child has already started another course of treatment, so very soon he will delight his mother with new skills...


Thanks to regular support and fruitful cooperation with partners, the Charity Exchange "DobroDiy" even now, in the most difficult times...

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